Endpin Accessories

  • Gollihur Music

    Bob's Rubber Endpin Cover for Kay and Engelhardt Basses

    For years, we've hosted an FAQ (in our Resources, see menu above) for Bob's crafty two-piece solution to replace the rubber endpin cap on a Kay or Engelhardt 1/2" endpin. Although we also stock economy rubber endpin caps, some folks need something a lot...

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  • Rock Stop Bass Endpin Rest (Cup, Holder)

    One of the most-wanted upright bass items are rubber endpin tips, like our Super Endpin Ball. Do you want to know another thing that is "Most Wanted?" Bass players who accidentally wear through their rubber tip and leave holes and scratches on floors...

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  • Wolf

    Super Endpin ball attachment for Upright Bass (tip, cover)

    This is a very cool idea -- wish I'd thought of it!This little device is the cure to dreaded "spouse comments about holes in carpet" as well as dirty looks when you spike your bass into somebody's wooden floor. It also will help avoid having your endpin...

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  • Xeros

    Upright Bass Endpin Anchor

    The patented Xeros Endpin Anchor is a handy tool for those long sessions. Simple yet effective, it consists of a slip-resistant cup attached to a 2" wide woven strap; at the end of the strap is a large ring -- large enough to easily accommodate a chair...

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