Replacement Rubber Feet for Eminence Electric Upright Bass (Pair)

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  • Rubber feet for eminence T-shaped endpin, pair
  • Rubber feet for eminence T-shaped endpin, as installed on endpin
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  • Loctite single use pack, 243 medium strength (blue)


These screw-in rubber feet are to replace the originals that you may have lost or worn out for the special T-shaped endpin foot on your Eminence bass. They may differ slightly from what is shown in the photo depending on availability. Sold by the pair.

Use of threadlocking compound to prevent loosening of the feet

We recommend the use of threadlocker (Loctite is a popular brand) to keep the set screws on the feet from vibrating out with use. Maybe that's how you lost your first ones! You can source Loctite locally (get the NON-PERMANENT version - the permanent grade may as well be superglue, and you'll never get those feet out again!) We also now offer a small tube of Loctite as an add-on item. The .5ml mini bottle is more than enough for several applications (the tiny set screws only require about 1/2 a drop or less to be effective.) Just another way we're looking out for you!

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