Eminence Adjustable Bridges for Electric Upright Bass (4/5 string)

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  • Eminence Adjustable Bridge for Electric Upright Bass
  • Eminence Adjustable Bridge for Electric Upright Bass, dimensional diagram
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Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThis very nice quality bridge is made for the Eminence EUB (Electric Upright Bass) and is an OEM replacement for your existing lost, warped or damaged bridge. Like all bridges, it is only rough shaped and will need to be custom-fitted to your particular instrument. This means that it will need to be thinned and contoured to your preferences; you can have this done by a local luthier - or, if you're a do-it-yourselfer (like we are) we include FREE bridge installation instructions with every bridge purchase.

The bridge is made of high-quality dense maple, with ergonomic aluminum adjusters pre-tapped and installed.

Since it's specifically made for the Eminence, you can rest assured that it will be the right height and width to replace the original bridge on an Eminence bass.

NOTE that the 4-string version of the bridge currently in stock has been profiled, notched, and mostly fitted to fit an Eminence bass. Some additional fine-tuning might be needed, but most of the fitment work has been done. The 5-string bridges are "blanks" and no fitting has been done on those bridges.

I've also included the essential measurements here, in case you intend to use the bridge for your custom EUB project, or to replace a lost, damaged or inferior bridge on another brand/model of Electric Upright Bass. Here are a couple of additional measurements not shown in the photo above: distance between external parts of legs 4.75 inches; distance between internal parts of legs 1.75 inches; thickness of bridge in legs zone .8 inch.

The five-string version of the bridge has virtually identical dimensions for height and feet width, but has a wider "arc" surface to accommodate the fifth string (as shown in the measurements to the left.)

Note: I do not know whether it will fit a particular brand of bass - I don't have access to all the different EUB's available. Please use these measurements to determine for yourself whether the bridge will suit your project - before ordering! However, if you have successfully replaced another EUB's bridge with this bridge, please let us know so that I can pass this useful information on to our other customers!

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