For Electric Upright Bass (EUB)

  • GHS

    Crossovers String Set for the NS Design Basses

    Note: These strings are specially designed to fit the basses manufactured by NS Design (NXT, CR, EU and WAV4 models). They are too short to fit a regular upright bass, and may not have the right dimensions to fit other electric upright basses. Contact us...

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  • Lenzner

    Fifths Tuning Set for NS Design OmniBass

    There used to be a factory-available set of strings for 5ths tuning on the NS Design OmniBass. When the OmniBass was released (originally under the confusing moniker, "Bass Cello") you could choose to string the Omni as either 4ths (like bass) or 5ths...

    Our Price $95.00 - $109.00
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