Bow Accessories

  • Arco Clip Hook - Bow Hook for Stand or Belt

    I have a couple different hooks, as well as a leather quiver, for holding a bow when you're not using it. This should be a sign: you should Never just lay your bow on the lip of your music stand.Unfortunately, I take several calls a month for people...

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  • K and M (Konig and Meyer)

    Bass Bow Hook for Music or Instrument Stand by K&M

    BOWS ARE FRAGILE. I hate taking the calls from players (or their parents) whose bow took a dive off the music stand or chair. A bow is as much a musical instrument as your bass is, and they can be very easily damaged from a fall or a rap against a hard...

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  • Bow Clip for Music Stand

    Never just lay your bow on the lip of your music stand. Unfortunately, I occasionally take calls from people who need a new bow, because theirs crashed to the floor during a rehearsal, after falling from a precarious perch on the lip of their music...

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  • Ardsley

    Bow Hair Cleaning and Reconditioning Kit

    Is your bow hair all crudded up with old, crusty rosin? Did you use too much and get it all gunked up? Are you changing to a new rosin and want to start fresh? You might not need an expensive rehair; if your bow has a lot of buildup of old, stale rosin -...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bow Quiver for Double Bass (Bow Sleeve, Holster)

    Our own top-quality leather quiver is ideal for placing your bow in a safe and accessible position during performances. It is made from nicely stiff, heavy gauge black leather that holds its shape and makes bow insertion and removal easy, unlike the...

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  • Artino

    Hardshell Aluminum Bow Case for One Bass Bow

    The aluminum shell of this bow case offers substantially more protection than a simple bass bag sleeve. The inside of the durable shell has flocking to keep the bow from rattling around, and the case includes a fabric sleeve to keep the bow safe inside...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Latex Grip Cushion for French Bass Bow (pack of 2)

    These simple but effective grip "cushions" fit over part of the wire wrap and grip on your French bass bow to provide a grippier, lightly "cushioned" feel for your forefinger. Depending on your particular grip style, it can make holding the bow more...

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