Bow Hair Cleaning and Reconditioning Kit

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Is your bow hair all crudded up with old, crusty rosin? Did you use too much and get it all gunked up? Are you changing to a new rosin and want to start fresh? You might not need an expensive rehair; if your bow has a lot of buildup of old, stale rosin - you can sometimes rejuvenate the hairs with an easy, inexpensive cleaning and reconditioning. This cost-effective kit is what we use at the shop, and it's simple and works well.

The first step is a cleaner, which you use the included spongy cloth to apply; this dissolves and removes the old stale rosin from your bow hairs.

Then, you use the included fine-toothed comb to separate and unclump the hairs, and clear any remaining residue or rosin chunks.

Finally, the reconditioning fluid restores the smooth, clean luster of the bow hair, creating a surface where fresh, new rosin can take effective hold. Congrats! You restored playability to your bow!

Now, there are certainly limits to how well it can "bring back" old, worn out hair - don't expect miracles if your bow is very old, or the hair is very played in. Bow hair does have a practical lifespan, and sometimes, a rehair is what is you really need. But this inexpensive, user-friendly kit certainly is worth a shot before you spend the money to have a rehair done, and is also good for occasional maintenance cleanings to prevent excessive buildup.

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