Double Bass Bow by Glasser - Fiberglas/horse hair

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  • Glasser Double Bass Bow, French and German, closeup
  • Glasser Double Bass Bow, French and German, wide shot
  • Glasser Double Bass Bow, French and German, detail of frog
  • Glasser Double Bass Bow, French and German, tip and frog
  • Glasser Double Bass Bow, French and German, tip and frog
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These are the well-known Glasser name brand German/Butler Style (top in picture) and French Style (bottom in picture) bows (NOT the econo-buy cheapies you can find from some sellers on eBay!) Glasser is the company that patented the world's first Fiberglas bow.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThey are strung with real horse hair - which in my opinion is a must (while there are some good synthetic hair options out there on some higher-end bows, when you're shopping in this price range, the fake stuff will be the cheap stuff - and trust me, you don't want the cheap stuff unless you're fond of being frustrated).

A good alternative to an inexpensive wood bow, this is generally considered a student model bow, with its affordable price point, and more durable construction - it's a common bow for school-age developing players, as it's less likely to be damaged by (ahem) "less than careful" handling. It also won't warp.

It's an excellent choice for beginner or intermediate students, occasional use for someone who primarily plays pizzicato, or as a budget-friendly backup. They feature a half-lined frog with a metal under-slide, a leatherette grip, and unbleached genuine horsehair.

Don't forget the rosin! It won't make a sound (well, at least not a very pleasant one) without it.

Don't know whether you should get French or German style? Check out our bow FAQs, in the "Resources" Menu above!

We include our "Tips for bows, rosin, and quivers" with every bow purchase - look for it in your package!

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