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  • Moser Flex Tailpiece for 3/4 Size Upright Bass

    Moser Flex Tailpiece for 3/4 Size Upright Bass

    Moser Klangwerkstatt

    Our Low Price: $215.00
    The "Moser Flex" tailpiece features four V-shaped string-hanging options, to allow for various "afterlength" distances for your four strings. It can provide yet another valuable, easy-to-use tool for...
  • Moser HVU - height-adjustable upright bass saddle, shown on bass

    Height Adjustable Raised Lower Saddle (HVU)

    Moser Klangwerkstatt

    Our Low Price: $115.00
    You can use this height-adjustable saddle to achieve different afterlength-to-bridge string angles. Why would you do that? The height of the saddle can affect several things on your bass; your...
  • ATA hard case for Eminence Fixed Neck and Removable Neck Electric Upright Basses

    ATA Flight Case for Eminence Electric Upright Basses

    Exclusively for Gollihur Music

    Our Low Price: $899.00
    This flight case is designed custom-manufactured by our case-manufacturing partner specifically to carry your Eminence Electric Upright Bass - either the FIXED NECK model, or the Removable Neck Model...