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  • Sugar Slaps Strings by Aquila

    Sugar Slaps Strings by Aquila


    Our Low Price: $109.00
    The Sugar Slaps are designed to emulate gut strings (for slappers, particularly) in a durable, affordable synthetic option. The early feedback on these strings is that they do it very well - players...
  • Eurosonic Orchestra Upright Bass Strings, standard package

    Eurosonic Orchestra Upright Bass Strings


    Our Low Price: $159.00
    The Eurosonic tapewound strings have developed a cult-like following with many bassists over the last 2+ decades that we've carried them. Made in Poland, they are well-made, durable strings. Now...
  • On Sale
    Engelhardt Metal Emblem for Bass Tailpiece

    Engelhardt Metal Emblem for Bass Tailpiece

    Gollihur Music

    Special Price: $32.00
    Regular Price $40.00
    Kay basses sometimes came with a logo on the tailpiece to identify the bass as a Kay. Many different designs were available over the years, with some being decals and others being a metal badge. To...
  • ebonized maple tailpiece for Engelhardt and Kay basses

    Maple (Ebonized) Tailpiece for Upright Bass


    Our Low Price: $39.00
    These Maple tailpieces were made by Engelhardt for their EC-1 model 3/4 size basses. It will be appropriate for 3/4 size basses. They're a little over 13.25" from end to end. They have the typical...