Bass Bows

  • Artino

    Aria Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow

    This amazing, professional-grade, carbon fiber bow is specially made of a uni-directional carbon fiber, which is not gunked up with a heavy overspray. It gives it a nifty "unfinished" look when seen close-up, but that's not the important part - the lack...

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  • Brazilwood Double Bass Bow

    We've carried this same bow, in both German/Butler Style (top in photo) andFrench Style (bottom) from the same maker, for around 18 years now. It's been consistently and enthusiastically praised by customers worldwide for its balance, playability,...

    Our Price $165.00
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  • Carbon Fiber ARTIST Double Bass Bow

    German/Butler Style and French Style bows available.I held off getting a mid-range carbon fiber bow for a long time; I was waiting for the quality to go up (and the prices to come down.) For a while there, it seemed like most of the Carbon Fiber bows I...

    Our Price $349.00
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  • Glasser

    Double Bass Bow by Glasser - Fiberglas/horse hair

    These are the well-known Glasser name brand German/Butler Style (top in picture) and French Style (bottom in picture) bows (NOT the econo-buy cheapies you can find from some sellers on eBay!) Glasser is the company that patented the world's first...

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    Special Price: $99.00
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  • Pernambuco Double Bass Bow

    We've been getting these genuine Pernambuco bows from the same manufacturer for over a decade now; they are crafted in the same shop as my Brazilwood bows, and have octagonal Pernambuco sticks with a fully lined* (French) and half-lined* (German) ebony...

    Our Price $269.00
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