Preamps and EQ

  • Fishman

    110v AC Adaptor for Fishman Platinum Preamps

    Fishman Regulated AC Adaptor (USA), for use with the Pro EQ Platinum series of preamplifiers. 110V AC to 9V DC, center negative, DC 200ma power supply. The power supply is suitable for users in countries featuring 110-120 volt service, to power any...

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  • K and K Sound

    AC Adaptor for Compact K&K Preamps

    We've had many requests for AC adaptors for the 9 volt battery K&K preamps, and are very happy to announce that K&K Sound has begun producing one. Using an off-the-shelf AC adaptor can be problematic as few have sufficient noise filtering, so you...

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  • Grace Design

    ALiX - One Channel Preamp

    The FELiX 2-channel preamp was released by Grace Design to great acclaim. Now get many of the same pro features in a single-channel model! The ALiX is the little brother of the FELiX; a "studio quality, acoustic instrument and mic preamp, designed for...

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  • Radial Engineering

    BigShot i/o Deluxe A/B Switch

    From the excellence of Radial Engineering, we have another device for doublers who don't require the sophistication of the Bassbone. This is the newest version of the BigShot i/o.It's a heavy duty footswitch that allows you to switch between two...

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  • Grace Design

    BiX - One Channel Mini Preamp

    And Baby Makes Three! The popular FELiX and ALiX preamps from Grace Design have become a new standard in high-quality preamplification for live bassists (and other acoustic instrumentalists as well - but we talk mostly to bassists, so...

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  • Fire-Eye

    Dee-Eye Instrument Preamplifier/DI

    A simple, sonically superior DI for acoustic instrumentalists. When you're doing a studio session, or playing a gig where you just need to drop a DI line to the house, you can do one of two things: You can trust that the soundman has a suitable DI in...

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  • X-VIVE

    Digital Audio Wireless System - Model U2, Wood Finish

    For years I've taken occasional calls from a player who is looking to take their double bass wireless. Maybe they're one of those crazy rockabilly guys who moves around a lot, or spins their bass for show. Or maybe they're doing a stage show, where a...

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  • K and K Sound

    Dual Channel Pro Instrument Preamplifier

    Dual Channel PRO PreampTWO Channels on TWO MONO INPUTSDual Channel Pro features the same specs as the other K&K Preamps, but features two independently controlled channels to allow you to blend two pickups or other sources. With its 1 MegOhm input,...

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  • Chief

    Equipment Mounting Bracket for Mic Stand/Amp Handle

    This Mic Stand/Amp Handle Mount works well for preamps, small amplifier heads, effects units and more!(Shown with a classic D-TAR Solstice).Clever, simple design, formerly made by Raxxess, which was acquired by Chief. Using the small threaded ring...

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  • Grace Design

    FELiX - Two Channel Blending Preamp

    If you're a home studio nerd (like I am) then you're very likely familiar with the amazing products by Grace Design. Their preamps, compressors, and other audio gear is well-known for its boutique nature, thoughtful features, and excellent sound...

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