2-Channel (or more) Preamplifiers

  • Radial Engineering

    BigShot i/o Deluxe A/B Switch

    From the excellence of Radial Engineering, we have another device for doublers who don't require the sophistication of the Bassbone. This is the newest version of the BigShot i/o.It's a heavy duty footswitch that allows you to switch between two...

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  • K and K Sound

    Dual Channel Pro Instrument Preamplifier

    Dual Channel PRO PreampTWO Channels on TWO MONO INPUTSDual Channel Pro features the same specs as the other K&K Preamps, but features two independently controlled channels to allow you to blend two pickups or other sources. With its 1 MegOhm input,...

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  • Grace Design

    FELiX - Two Channel Blending Preamp

    If you're a home studio nerd (like I am) then you're very likely familiar with the amazing products by Grace Design. Their preamps, compressors, and other audio gear is well-known for its boutique nature, thoughtful features, and excellent sound...

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  • Acoustic Image

    FLEX 2-Channel Preamplifier (Stand-mountable, Series 4+)

    The mad scientists at Acoustic Image are at it again. Never content to rest on their past successes, Rick Jones and company are constantly looking for new, better, more efficient ways to help acoustic instrumentalists be heard in the best voice possible...

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  • K and K Sound

    Golden Trinity Two Channel Preamp (Single TRS Input)

    About the TRINITY SYSTEM PREAMP:This compact powerhouse includes a removable belt clip for convenient mounting on your belt or the edge of a music stand. Some players strap it to the back of their bass tailpiece.Specifications: Tiny!! just 4 3/8 x 3 3/8...

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  • Schatten Design

    Mini Pre 2 - Dual Channel Preamp

    Here's a handy box. Preamps are often necessary with piezo-based upright bass (and guitar, mandolin, etc.) pickups - mostly, it's a matter of input impedance. What's the deal? Check out our FAQ page covering the topic for more information.If...

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  • LR Baggs

    Mixpro Dual-Channel Belt-pack Preamp

    The MixPro Dual-Channel Preamp is a tiny, belt-pack style acoustic preamplifier that packs a lot of features in a lightweight and compact package. In addition to its passive* bass and treble controls, it has a tool many bass players find a...

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  • Radial Engineering

    PZ-Pro 2-channel Preamplifier

    This is the newest, and for some, the most useful version of the "PZ" lineup from Radial Engineering. We've been carrying the PZ-Pre at Gollihur Music for years - it's a really solid, excellent two-channel preamp that allows for blending or instrument...

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  • Fire-Eye

    Red-Eye Twin 2-channel Instrument Preamplifier

    A longtime customer turned me on to these preamps from Fire-Eye, a custom manufacturer of musical gear based in Texas. I was instantly interested when I read about their design and build ethic on their website, and quickly got some in to check them out...

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  • Radial Engineering

    ToneBone BassBone OD Dual Channel Preamp for Doublers

    Tonebone Bassbone ODThe perfect tool for doublers!Often, we upright bassists find ourselves doubling on upright and electric basses on a single gig, and it's almost always a hassle. We have two completely different instruments that require different EQ...

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  • Radial Engineering

    ToneBone PZ Pre Dual Channel Preamplifier

    The Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre is a powerful and flexible acoustic preamplifier, built into a heavy-duty floor pedal unit. Obviously, at Gollihur Music we're primarily offering it as a two-channel preamp for use with upright bass, but it's...

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