Parts, Repair and Upgrades

If you're repairing, upgrading or otherwise modifying your bass - or maybe building a custom project - we have a variety of useful parts. Quality German-made tuning machines, real ebony fingerboards and tailpieces, steel and carbon fiber endpins, maple necks, spruce soundposts, quality bridges... even cool add-on "Kay" and "Engelhardt" logos for your tailpiece!

You might also check out our books section for some great "how-to" books on setup/repair and bass building.

Not finding what you're looking for? You can always email or call us with questions. Just because something is not on the site doesn't necessarily mean we can't get it for you.

  • Gollihur Music

    'Okay' Logo Vinyl Sticker Parody Emblem for Bass Tailpiece

    So, you've got a "CCB" or an Engelhardt, and you like the idea of putting out a little "Kay" vibe. But you don't want to be a poseur and try to actually pass your budget/beater bass off as the real thing? I've got something for you, then.This parody logo...

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  • Adjustable Upright Bass Bridges

    An adjustable bridge can be a godsend for your Upright Bass. It gives you the ability to vary the action for different styles, lower for jazz styles, where fingerboard buzz is a welcome seasoning, in the middle for general play where you want more note...

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  • Various

    Adjusters for Upright Bass Bridges (Assorted)

    Want to have the convenience of adjusters on your bass bridge? We have a few options for adjusters; aluminum one- and two-piece adjusters, as well as deluxe ebony (wood) adjusters. These are excellent quality adjusters that can be used to "convert" a...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bob's Rubber Endpin Cover for Kay and Engelhardt Basses

    For years, we've hosted an FAQ (in our Resources, see menu above) for Bob's crafty two-piece solution to replace the rubber endpin cap on a Kay or Engelhardt 1/2" endpin. Although we also stock economy rubber endpin caps, some folks need something a lot...

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  • Carbon Fiber Replacement Endpin Assembly for Upright Bass

    Carbon Fiber Upright Bass ENDPINWhy make an endpin of carbon fiber? CF has a high strength-to-weight ratio, while having a much lower density than steel. So this high-quality endpin assembly weighs only 248-250 grams (about 8.8 oz.) and has the strength...

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  • HS Publisher

    Chuck Traeger's String Instrument Setups - 10 Setups

    Includes 10 Setups That Will Make Your Instrument Louder, Better, and Easier to Playby Chuck Traeger, with a "seven-word" by Ron Carter Chuck Traeger was a well-known player, recording artist, and bass luthier for many years in New York, and...

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  • Rubner

    Deluxe Ebony Hat Peg Upright Bass Tuning Machines (Tuners)

    IMPORTANT NOTE This tuner set is a "special order item," which means that it is not always in stock. This means that, if you purchase this item, we may need to acquire them from the manufacturer or a distributor, which may take anywhere from a couple...

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  • Ebony Deluxe Fingerboard for Upright Bass

    Tall, dark, and very handsome. That's what these very nice ebony fingerboards are.Compared to the Engelhardt-made fingerboards we also carry, this dark ebony board is thicker and larger in size; it could perhaps be large enough for a 5-string or 7/8 or...

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  • Ebony Upright Bass Nut

    This replacement nut blank is made of quality ebony. It may be rough-profiled and shaped or just a plain rectangular blank depending on those we can get at any particular time. In any case it will need to be trimmed, notched, and shaped to fit your...

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  • Ebony Upright Bass Saddle

    Like the nut we also sell, this saddle is pre-shaped to ease installation, but will likely need some shaping/trimming to fit your project. Made of a very nice piece of ebony, the saddle is the piece of wood at the bottom of the bass on which the wire...

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