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1/8 and 1/10 Size

  • Helicore "Orchestral" Strings

    Helicore "Orchestral" Strings

    As you've probably gathered from reading our string descriptions, the selection of string can make a profound difference in response, so D'Addario offers strings in three flavors: Orchestra, Hybrid, and Pizzicato.The Orchestra strings are...

    $30.25 - $180.00
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  • Prelude Medium Upright Bass Strings

    Prelude Medium Upright Bass Strings

    We've had lots of requests for more affordable strings for developing players; the Preludes from D'Addario are just that. Prelude bass strings are multi-stranded steel core strings that are affordable and flexible, making them ideal for students and...

    $19.00 - $79.00
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