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Helicore "Orchestral" Strings

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Allergy Advisory: Product Contains Nickel

As you've probably gathered from reading our string descriptions, the selection of string can make a profound difference in response, so D'Addario offers strings in three flavors: Orchestra, Hybrid, and Pizzicato.

The Orchestra strings are specifically designed for - you guessed it - orchestra players. They are, of course, very bowable, and use a winding and material that creates less sustain. This is done on purpose, of course - orchestral players are not looking for the same level of sustain that a jazz pizzicato performer would want. However, they've still got great thump power and enough sustain for many players that play a variety of styles. They have less "presence" and sound somewhat "darker" than the Hybrid Helicores, and definitely more so than the Pizzicato Helicores.

They are available in 1/4 and 1/2 sizes, and also come in light, medium and heavy tensions.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe SOLO Strings are designed for solo repertoire; you tune each string up one whole step to F#-B-E-A for easier access to higher solo passages. D'Addario doesn't brand these as "Helicore Orchestra" strings, but they are generally used by orchestral players, hence their inclusion here. (They have purple silk with a gold spiral on the ball end).

An Extended E/C string (for low string extensions) and a Low B string are also available in 3/4 size.

Tension figures:

String ¾ med ¾ lt ¾ hv ½ sz ¼ sz
G 62.0 58.2 64.0 56.5 51.2
D 65.9 61.3 68.4 59.7 53.9
A 69.0 62.5 73.0 62.4 56.0
E 70.0 64.1 74.8 62.2 57.5
Ext E/C 70.0 64.1 74.8  
Low B 66.4  
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Warranty Information

I've experienced a problem with a string (or set of strings). What should I do?

We are sorry to hear of your experience. If you experience a problem with your strings (or string set), you may contact us (D'Addario) to see whether a manufacturing mishap is the cause. If you wish to return the string(s), visit Please return the string or set in question in its original packaging (including corrosion intercept bag if possible). This will help us determine if a defect or other malfunction has occurred. Upon receipt and evaluation, if a manufacturing defect is revealed, we will quickly send you a replacement.

NOTE: Though it may not be the case in your situation, please keep in mind that premature string breakage is often caused by burrs or rough edges that develop at the nut or bridge/saddle. These rough edges are often difficult to see, but can be ruthless on strings. If your string continuously breaks at the nut or bridge, please check these points of contact for a nice, smooth surface. If burrs or rough edges are found, contact your local music shop or luthier to perform the necessary minor repair to resolve this common problem.
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2 Reviews

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    Helicore "Orchestral" Strings on. BSX Allegro 5 string

    Posted by Lawrence West on Feb 15th 2022

    Restrung with these after 6 years on the strings it came with (I bought it used) and it “sings” like a different instrument. Fuller sound, better bow response, and generally a sweeter and more robust sound. Very happy.

  • 5

    Great strings for the money

    Posted by Terry S on Oct 4th 2020

    I have a Cecillo Electric Upright that came with Duo Fen bass strings from the factory. The strings were definitely in need of replacement so after much thought and reading of reviews tried these. My first impression was the string to string balance and note to note balance was dramatically improved. The tension was slightly higher. The biggest difference was in the ability to bow. These were a string that could be bowed very well compared to the old one. I came to the understanding that the damping inside the strings affects the ability to be bowed and that is the primary difference between the different sets. They feel a little dull and thuddy to me but every time I take this bass people rave about how great it sounds. These strings really sit well in the mix with a band and it has lead to being asked to use this bass more often. I like the ability to be able to use the bow. I may experiment with the Hybrids next time just to compare but these are a great place to start if you want a typical upright bass tone. D'Addario is a well known large manufacturer of strings for about any instrument so I trusted the reputation they have earned and have not been disappointed.

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