• K and M (Konig and Meyer)

    Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand

    For a long time, we've fielded requests for "a stand that will work with my Electric Upright Bass." The Ingles SA22 we've had for years will work with some of the EUBs -- as long as they have at least a small body (to sit on the arms). But if you're...

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  • NS Design

    Endpin Stand (and accessories) for NS Design Basses

    NS Design has cleverly designed their instruments with several options for playing. Their larger instruments (including all of the CR/EU Basses, NXT and WAV basses and BassCello models) use a universal mount which is compatible with a variety of...

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  • On-Stage

    Folding Stand for Double Bass by On Stage

    Upright Bass Stand -one of the most stable stands you'll find!For years I reluctantly used my old bass stand - the old Hamilton stand that had the little "cup" you had to aim for (and often missed on a darkened stage!) But I never had much confidence in...

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  • Eminence

    Folding Stand for Eminence Electric Upright Bass

    The Eminence Bass Stand is available separately for current Eminence electric upright bass owners. It is made by Hamilton, but has a custom receiver at the base, specifically designed to accept the unique T-shaped Eminence endpin. It really isn't at all...

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  • K and M (Konig and Meyer)

    Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141)

    It's just a stand, what's the big deal? For years, I used one of the light weight Hamilton bass stands that has a similar design to this stand. While lightweight and portable, the Hamilton's questionable stability always bugged me - it always felt...

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  • The Bass Bar

    The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand

    Laydown, or "cradle" type stands, are becoming more popular. "The Bass Bar" is a newer entry into this growing trend, and the designer/maker of this stand has got it figured out.The Bass Bar uses a common leg design - a strong, braced tripod - and places...

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