Tripod Folding Stands for NS Design Basses (Choose CR or WAV/NXT)

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Product Overview

NS Design has cleverly designed their instruments with several options for playing. Most of their larger instruments (including all of the CR/EU Basses, NXT and WAV4 basses, and OmniBass models) use a universal mount which is compatible with a variety of stands and strap systems for maximum flexibility.

The different models are furnished with different stands/mounts. For instance, all of the Omni Basses come with the "Boomerang Strap System," which is a special wearable design that was developed for the instrument. The NXTa and WAV basses (full size) come with a lightweight painted steel tripod stand, while the more deluxe CR models have an upgraded, heavier steel tripod stand that is more adjustable.

On this page, you can purchase either tripod stand, to replace/upgrade/add to your current NS bass (or cello!) instrument.

Other accessories, like the strap system, the Endpin System and the conversion kit, can be found below, in the "related products" section.


The CR grade stand is standard equipment with the EU and CR basses, and is a different design than the stock tripod stand for the NXT basses. It is compatible with all bass and Omni Bass models, and offers several upgrades to the stock NXT/WAV stand.

Note that the stand is designed to be highly adjustable, so the bass can be set at an acoustic-like angle or in unconventional positions, including horizontally. The special three-legged design offers individually positionable legs to customize the angle of the stand's main post, for the ultimate in adjustability, without the legs "getting in your way." This stand is heavier than the other model, and I would liken its strength and durability to be comparable to "double-braced drum hardware." All parts (other than washers, gaskets, etc.) are made of metal, including thumbscrews, knobs, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: the stands have a black finish, as shown. The chrome stands you may have seen in photos elsewhere were discontinued by NS Design some time ago.

Contact us for pricing if you are purchasing this with an instrument.

The NXT/WAV grade stand is standard, OEM equipment with the NXT, NXTa, and WAV basses. It is compatible with all bass and Omni Bass models. The bass is adjustable for height, and the mounting point can be angled and oriented relative to the instrument, so the bass can be set at an typical "upright" angle or in unconventional positions, including horizontal.

The stand is made of lighter-weight painted steel, and features a typical tripod design, similar to that which you would see on stands for mid-sized PA speakers. Some parts of the stand (knobs, some joints) are made of high-strength plastics, but the headjoint was redesigned for better durability a few years ago - so if you're replacing an early model of the same stand, and the headjoint had issues, this one should be improved.

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Warranty Information

NS Design will cover all defects in material and workmanship for five years for the CR Series, three years for the NXT Series, and two years for the WAV series from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace, at our option, any instrument or part thereof which is found by us to be defective. This warranty includes the tuning hardware, electronics, pick-up systems, truss rod, bridge, fingerboard, neck and stand. This warranty does not include replacement of strings or batteries, or wear to potentiometers, the fingerboard, or surface finish. Problems resulting from disassembly, modification, customization, or repair by anyone without prior authorization from NS Design are not covered by this warranty. We assume no liability other than for the actual repair of the instrument to playable condition within our specifications. This is our sole warranty, and it includes all warranties, whether expressed or implied. You may have specific warranty legal rights which vary from state to state.


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