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Endpin Stand (and accessories) for NS Design Basses

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  • Endpin Stand (and accessories) for NS Design Basses
  • Endpin Stand for NS Design Basses, with bass, mounted onto tripod stand using conversion kit
  • Endpin Stand for NS Design Basses, with bass, detail
  • Endpin Stand for NS Design Basses - comparison chart for holding stand options
  • Endpin Stand for NS Design Basses, explanation graphic for the NXT/WAV Tripod incompatibilities (with the conversion kit)
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NS Design has cleverly designed their instruments with several options for playing. Their larger instruments (including all of the CR/EU Basses, NXT and WAV basses and BassCello models) use a universal mount which is compatible with a variety of stands and strap systems for maximum flexibility.

  • The CR/EU model basses generally come with the heavy duty tripod stand (Except the CRT Traditional Model, which comes with an endpin instead).
  • The OMNI Bass (aka BassCello) models come with the "Boomerang" strap system, a special wearable design that was developed for that instrument.
  • The NXT and WAV4 Bass come with a Tripod stand as well, but it's a less expensive, lighter-duty stand without some of the adjustability features of the nicer CR model.
On this page you can purchase the endpin, as well as add-ons like a holding stand and the NS Design conversion kit (more info below). More NS Bass accessories -- like the strap system and the tripod stand -- are linked below in the "related products" section.

ENDPIN STAND - The collapsible End Pin Stand for the NS Design line of Double Basses is made of steel, and attaches to the instrument in the same manner as the stock Tripod Stand. An adjustable waist support allows the player to "lean into" the instrument; adjustments for the pin can be made in all directions, so that the instrument balances perfectly against the body without any support from the left hand. The End Pin Stand weighs 2.2 kg (5 lb) and fits easily in the instrument's padded gig bag. Can be used with the CR, EU, NXT and WAV4 model basses. The endpin is available in a black finish (as shown) only; the chrome finish you may have seen in photos elsewhere was discontinued by NS Design several years ago.

"Okay, so if I get the Endpin, what am I supposed to do with my bass when I'm not playing it?"

You have two options, and which one you choose depends on which NS Design instrument you have:
  1. CR or EU model Bass: The tripod stand that came with your bass can be "converted" into a holding stand using some custom add-on plastic widgets (the "conversion kit") - buy that together with the endpin, and you're all set.

  2. NXT or WAV4 model Bass: The tripod stand that came with your bass is not compatible* with the NS Design conversion kit, but you can use the K&M Electric Upright Bass Stand in place of the tripod/conversion setup (and it's way cheaper than buying the CR/EU model tripod just to use as a holding stand). We've made one of the purchase options "NS Design Endpin Stand, PLUS K&M EUB Stand" - choose that one, and you'll have everything you need.

    * Why is the NXT/WAV tripod "incompatible"?
    Before the NXT or WAV existed, they came out with the endpin - and decided, wouldn't it be nice if we created a "conversion kit" to turn the existing tripod stand (which everyone would already have) into a HOLDING stand when the player was using the tripod? The answer was yes, and they did. So if you have a CR bass (with the CR tripod) and you get the endpin - for a little bit more money you can add these small parts to your tripod stand and have a place to put the bass down when using the endpin.
    One of the cost-cutting measures to make the NXT and WAV cheaper is the use of a less expensive tripod stand, with a different design. Those little add-on pieces are not compatible with the NXT/WAV tripod. So if you want the place to put the bass down when using the endpin, you can either buy the CR-grade tripod and conversion kit (for almost $300) or you can get the K&M stand for a lot less (which, as a holding stand, works as well as, if not better than, the tripod conversion.)

    Alternate option for NXT/WAV4: We also have the "Stand 3-pack" option, just in case you'd rather have the full Original Equipment NS Design components - it includes the CR/EU Tripod, The Conversion Kit, and the Endpin. If you choose that, you do not need the K&M Stand.


To use the conversion kit, you also need to purchase (or already own) BOTH the endpin and the CR-model tripod stand. (See photo: the bass to the left shows an endpin-equipped CR4M bass ON the tripod stand with the conversion kit.)

Also, the conversion kit is not compatible with the stock WAV4 or NXT bass stand. If purchasing the Endpin for an NXT or WAV4, purchase it with the K&M Stand instead of the Conversion Kit (See photo: the bass to the right shows an endpin-equipped NXT Bass on the K&M stand.)

If you're not sure what you need (this does seem a bit complicated to understand if you don't have the stands in front of you) give me a call - I totally get it, and I'll help you figure out what will get you where you want to go. 


Conversion Kit Manual

Need to figure out some of the more in-depth features of this product? Here's a copy of the manual, in PDF format, here.

You may wish to visit the manufacturer's website to see if a more recent version is available.



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Warranty Information

NS Design will cover all defects in material and workmanship for five years for the CR Series, three years for the NXT Series, and two years for the WAV series from the date of purchase. We will repair or replace, at our option, any instrument or part thereof which is found by us to be defective. This warranty includes the tuning hardware, electronics, pick-up systems, truss rod, bridge, fingerboard, neck and stand. This warranty does not include replacement of strings or batteries, or wear to potentiometers, the fingerboard, or surface finish. Problems resulting from disassembly, modification, customization, or repair by anyone without prior authorization from NS Design are not covered by this warranty. We assume no liability other than for the actual repair of the instrument to playable condition within our specifications. This is our sole warranty, and it includes all warranties, whether expressed or implied. You may have specific warranty legal rights which vary from state to state.
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    So much better than the Tripod!

    Posted by Fred Aron on Jul 14th 2023

    I purchased this for my NS Omni, and loved it, but when I purchased a NS Upright it became the best thing. It is such a wonderful design. It is VERY heavy and makes the entire setup extremely stable. I will say skip the converting the tripod into a stand and buy the K&M EUB stand for it!

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