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NS Electric Contemporary for NS Design Electric Upright Basses NSFW610

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  • NS Electric Contemporary for NS Design Electric Upright Basses NS610
  • NS Electric Contemporary for NS Design Electric Upright Basses NS610
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Allergy Advisory: Product Contains NickelNote: These strings are specially designed to exclusively fit the FULL SIZE (41.5" scale) basses manufactured by NS Design (NXT, CR, EU and WAV4 models). Those full-scale electric upright basses are the only instruments you can use these strings on.

They are too long to fit the OmniBass (the 34" scale electric upright from NS Design). They are too short to fit a regular upright bass, and may not have the right dimensions to fit other electric upright basses. Contact us if you would like to verify dimensions of these strings vs. your bass before ordering for a different EUB.

The NS Electric line was developed as a joint effort between Ned Steinberger and D'Addario Strings. Because volume is unlimited for electric instruments, NS Electric line focuses on tone and expressive nuance rather than acoustic power. It brings out the richest tone from any electric instrument, and work well for acoustic instruments when subtlety of expression is paramount.

NS Strings are mostly made with stranded steel cores wrapped with aluminum, brass, tungsten, nickel, and stainless steel. The line is designed for use with electric upright basses using NS Standard Double Bass string length.

D'Addario's NS Electric Contemporary Double Bass set produces a brighter sound, and features a lower tension feel than traditional upright strings. They are similar or identical to the stock strings on the NS Design CR4M and CR5M basses. They were previously sold as the "NSFL-Flatwound Light" set and have recently undergone a packaging and name change. A little brighter and "zingier," not as traditional in sound, for that "Crossover" vibe. They have a more electric-sounding (longer) sustain character than the "traditional" set. To me, they're basically like very long scale flatwound bass guitar strings, but with a bit more "girth." With low action and a light touch, they can acheive that fretless bass "mwah" sort of whine, if that's what you're after.

All NS Double Bass strings are designed to fit NS Double Basses and NSDB-Standard instruments : 46.5" wound length, 54" overall string length.

Strings are sold in multiple set options; D'Addario sells the strings in 4-string sets, with high C and low B strings to complete sets for extended-range instruments. I have also split up sets so you can buy individual strings as needed.

Also note that the NS Design CR, NXT and WAV4 basses are designed to accommodate full (3/4) size upright bass strings, using the wrap-around bottom surface and keyhole string anchor slots on the back of the instrument - so if none of these stock strings are your cup of tea, you're not married to them; you can consider other options from our regular string selection!

Which strings do you have?

Oddly enough, the Contemporary and Traditional string sets BOTH have Gold/Blue/Gold silks at the ball end (with gold stripes over the blue), and both have the multi-colored D'Addario silks in the pegbox to indicate each string position (the ones in my photo to the right are both "G" strings, which are red at the pegbox end.)

How can you tell the difference between the two sets?

Here's how: the difference (aside from string diameter - the Contemporary strings are a light gauge) is in the ball end - the Contemporary strings have a smaller, electric-bass-style ball end with a hole in the middle, while the Traditionals have the same ball end used on Helicore upright bass string sets, which is a solid cylinder (no hole).
"Contemporary" Set String Gauges:
  • E: 0.092
  • A: 0.068
  • D: 0.052
  • G: 0.048
  • High C: 0.034
  • Low B: 0.125

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Warranty Information

I've experienced a problem with a string (or set of strings). What should I do?

We are sorry to hear of your experience. If you experience a problem with your strings (or string set), you may contact us (D'Addario) to see whether a manufacturing mishap is the cause. If you wish to return the string(s), visit Please return the string or set in question in its original packaging (including corrosion intercept bag if possible). This will help us determine if a defect or other malfunction has occurred. Upon receipt and evaluation, if a manufacturing defect is revealed, we will quickly send you a replacement.

NOTE: Though it may not be the case in your situation, please keep in mind that premature string breakage is often caused by burrs or rough edges that develop at the nut or bridge/saddle. These rough edges are often difficult to see, but can be ruthless on strings. If your string continuously breaks at the nut or bridge, please check these points of contact for a nice, smooth surface. If burrs or rough edges are found, contact your local music shop or luthier to perform the necessary minor repair to resolve this common problem.
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