• Ve Leen Music/Gollihur Music

    BassOnStage Mk2 Microphone Gooseneck Mount for Upright Bass

    Lots of journeyman (and woman) players have gotten to gigs and found that they need to mic the bass unexpectedly. The old Bluegrass trick is to slip a mic into a gym sock, and drop it behind the tailpiece against the body. Sure, it works (kind of), but...

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  • Xlson Audio

    Chuck Israels Signature Microphone for Double Bass

    My dad (Bob) and I have become well-known for our "frugality" (okay, I admit it, sometimes I'm cheap). And a lot of the gear we offer on the site is geared towards the hobbyist player on a budget - the guy (or gal) who doesn't have a lot of extra nickels...

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  • Ehrlund

    Ehrlund Studio/Recording Condenser Microphones

    Ehrlund Studio Microphones We are one of the only US-based retailers carrying the Ehrlund EAP surface mic, which is an excellent choice for amplifying the double bass (and many other stringed instruments, for that matter.) We've had a few requests for...

  • K and K Sound

    Golden Bullet Microphone for Upright Bass

    K&K's various bass transducers can deliver an exceptionally warm and natural sound -- but there are times when a microphone can add extra warmth and life to your signal, or perhaps be the total true voice of your bass. Choosing and using a microphone...

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  • K and K Sound

    Golden Trinity Microphone/Pickup COMBINATION Systems

    Golden Trinity Systems These powerful, compact setups combine K&K's excellent Golden Bullet Condenser Mic with one of several different pickup options. Including a small, feature-rich preamplifier to blend the mic with a pickup of your choice, these...

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  • ExplorAUDIO

    H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts

    It obviously depends on the music and the venue -- but nothing sounds more natural, when amplifying or recording your bass, than a microphone. Upright Bass pickups were, essentially, a compromise - developed for situations when a microphone wasn't...

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  • K and K Sound

    Two Channel Pickup and Pickup/Mic Sets (without Preamp)

    These are the pickups and microphones normally sold with the Bass Master Pro, Bass Master Rockabilly, and Golden Trinity setups. You may already own a suitable two channel preamp (like the K&K Dual Channel Pro ST, K&K Quantum Blender, Radial...

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