Dual Lock Strip - for use with Krivo Pickup or Golden Bullet Mic

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Here is the additional adhesive-backed Dual Lock Type 400 fastener strips that you'll need to fasten your Krivo pickup to your fingerboard, or your K&K Golden Bullet mic to your bridge.

  • For the Krivo, there is enough for the "old" style Krivo pickup - for which you line the bottom edge of your fingerboard and attach the pickup by pressing upward. For the new version of the pickup, there is a right-angle bracket on the pickup and you attach to the back surface; for this, you can trim the piece of dual lock with scissors as needed.
  • For the Golden Bullet, you simply stick a small piece onto the bridge and the mic gooseneck clicks on and off as needed. The Golden Bullet version is much smaller, and hence, less expensive.

This is NOT VelcroTM. Interlocking mushroom-shaped heads have five times the tensile strength of hook and loop products, making for a far more stable and secure mounting. Both sides are the same (it's not "hook and loop" - more like "hook and hook"), and the two halves click together very securely.

You get just one piece, with adhesive back, to suit the need you have -- whether for the Krivo or the Golden Mic.

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