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Amps and Speakers

  • CBI

    1/4 inch to Speakon Speaker Cable

    Features one straight ¼" plug and one Speakon connector. This custom, American-made cable is ideal for medium powered amps, such as the Acoustic Image, Euphonic Audio, and Genzler Amplification amps we carry - to connect from the amplifier to a...

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  • Bass Array Speaker Cabinets

    Bass Array Speaker Cabinets

    Wow, these Bass Array cabinets are really something special. You may have heard of some other companies using line-array technology to create a wide soundstage in a portable, column format. Many people swear by those rigs, including upright bassists, as...

    $649.99 - $1,599.99
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  • CLARUS SL and SL-R instrument amplifier

    CLARUS SL and SL-R instrument amplifier

    The Clarus amp has been a favorite among bassists, jazz and acoustic guitarists, and many other musicians for many years. I've long been a fan of its pristine, transparent sound. And it sure is easy to tote around!Over the years, there have been several...

    $599.00 - $699.00
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  • Acoustic Image Coda New Generation speaker Acoustic Image Coda New Generation speaker with amp head bracket.

    Coda "Evolution" Speaker Cabinet and Combos

    We've been proud to be the leading proponent (and seller) of the Acoustic Image amps for well over 20 years - including the venerable Coda and Contra combo amps, which are still in use by thousands of players around the world. The revolutionary design of...

    $499.00 - $1,249.00
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  • Doubler Mark II Bass Amplifier

    Doubler Mark II Bass Amplifier

    The Doubler Amp, from Euphonic Audio (EA), has been a great product for many years -- so great, that it's the amp I personally use in my own rig for both electric and upright bass. Small, lightweight, and powerful, it is capable of very...

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  • DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)

    DoubleShot Speaker Cabinet (and combos)

    It's the DoubleShot cabinet from Acoustic Image!The DoubleShot is available as an extension speaker to use with an amp you already have, as well as a full "combo" setup, coupled with one of the three different Acoustic Image Clarus SL head options. We'll...

    $599.00 - $1,349.00
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  • Flight Cases for Acoustic Image Combos and Speakers

    Flight Cases for Acoustic Image Combos and Speakers

    FINALLY! A Hard Case for your Acoustic Image Combo! For almost as long as we've sold the Acoustic Image combos (going all the way back to 2001!) people have been asking about hard cases for their amps. For some of the early models, AI offered a...

    $439.00 - $589.00
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  • Instrument Cable: 1/4 inch ends (1 right angle)


    Instrument Cable: 1/4 inch ends (1 right angle)

    Features one straight, and one 90 degree ¼ inch connector. Cables are black using top quality Belden cable and brand-name connectors are used, assembled in the US by CBI. This cable ideal for either plugging the angled plug into a string-mounted...

    $15.00 - $18.00
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  • CBI

    Instrument Cable: TRS (Stereo) ¼ inch, 1 right angle

    Features one straight, and one 90 degree ¼ inch connector. Both connectors are TRS (aka stereo, 3 conductor). Available in two lengths, 8 foot and 15 foot. Designed for use with two channel systems, such the Bass Master Pro, Rockabilly, and Golden...

    $22.00 - $26.00
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  • Magellan Amp Heads

    Magellan Amp Heads

    The new Magellan 800 and Magellan 350 amplifier heads keep all the things we liked about the "old" stuff -- and some rockin' new features. This lightweight -- only 3.5 lbs for the 350 and 6.25 lbs for its bigger brother -- amp can punch out lots of sound...

    $499.00 - $869.00
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  • NL-112 speaker cabinet (1x12)

    NL-112 speaker cabinet (1x12)

    This newer cabinet from Euphonic Audio is really something special! It's been a while since EA has gone with a true "hi-fi" design; while their Wizzy cabinets sound fabulous (I have an MLine, myself) and have been very successful, their wizzer cone...

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