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Replacement Speaker Drivers for Acoustic Image Combos/Speaker Cabs

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Are you looking for a replacement 5" driver for the Doubleshot cabinet? We don't have them here, but a very good replacement can be found at Simply Speakers - model M-307. Be sure to re-use the plastic back seal, and use foil tape to get a good airtight seal.

These are direct replacement speakers, custom-made by Eminence, for the Acoustic Image Series 4 speaker cabinets and combos. They were obtained directly from Acoustic Image and exist only in a limited quantity. Once these are gone, they will be unobtainable.

These have a very specific design, meant for the "infinite baffle" and small-cabinet designs used by Acoustic Image. They are NOT a standard driver, as they were manufactured exclusively for Acoustic Image. Dropping them into a standard speaker cabinet will NOT make that cabinet sound like an Acoustic Image cabinet, and will likely not provide satisfactory or useful results.

The speakers are rated at 8ohms. They may come with an assortment of stand-offs and rubber gaskets - various AI models needed them to properly align or "sit right" in the cabinet, so pay careful attention when disassembling your bad speaker to ensure that you use the correct spacers and gaskets for the best fit and performance of the new driver.


Do NOT purchase these speakers as a generic replacement woofer/driver for a standard speaker cabinet. These speakers were designed and made by Eminence SPECIFICALLY for use in the "infinite baffle" design of the Acoustic Image cylindrical cabinets, and will not produce satisfactory results in a more standard front-facing "box" style cabinet. You WILL be disappointed, and we WILL NOT accept these speakers back for return under any circumstances.

If you need a more "common" design 10" woofer for a conventional bass cab, check out stores like Parts Express or Seismic Audio.

A maximum purchase of two (2) drivers is allowed per customer, so that we may be able to provide these rare and unique speakers to as many Acoustic Image owners as possible. These are a custom design from Eminence, and we will not be able to obtain any more once they are gone. Please don't hoard them!


Limited quantities, final sale item. We reserve the right to limit quantities purchased so that they may be available for as many customers as possible.

Speaker Troubleshooting

Figuring out which driver is bad can help you with the decision-making about what to replace on a Ten2 speaker/combo. Here's a copy of a handy tip sheet, in PDF format.



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