Flight Cases for Acoustic Image Combos and Speakers

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FINALLY! A Hard Case for your Acoustic Image Combo!

For almost as long as we've sold the Acoustic Image combos (going all the way back to 2001!) people have been asking about hard cases for their amps. For some of the early models, AI offered a roto-molded "hard-ish" case that was okay for banging about in a band van, but I wouldn't have used it to fly. Those cases are no longer available (and they don't fit the newer combos anyway) so we've mostly just been telling folks that they have to have something specially made. That can get expensive, and such a case manufacturer can be difficult to find, depending on where you live.

I'm proud to announce that I've partnered with an American case company who is now custom-manufacturing affordable cases for the AI combos. This flight case is custom-manufactured by one of our partners specifically to transport your Acoustic Image combos and speaker cabinets for touring, travel, or just those who like to baby their gear.

It's a ATA style case made from plywood, laminated with ABS plastic in an attractive silver-gray color, and a removable lid. It features recessed latches (some with a padlock hole for locking) and recessed handle(s). The larger Ten2 model even features recessed corner wheels and a retractable handle for more easy moving! Both cases are lined with firm and dense ester foam to protect your valuable combo.

We offer our exclusive new hard case for the Acoustic Image amps in two sizes! Check them out below.

The model for the standard combos will fit the Contra, Coda, Corus, and the corresponding EX extension speaker models. It will also accommodate a Doubleshot Combo - there's enough room to put the cabinet inside, along with the amp head in its padded gig bag.

The "Standard" combo model is small and lightweight. Unloaded, it's only 19.2 lbs, and with a representative Contra combo in it, it weighs in at a bit under 42 lbs.

To load, you simply lay the tray on the floor, sit your combo on it, slide the larger portion down over it, and close the quartet of monster recessed latches. A heavy duty handle is well placed to manage moving the case around. There are no wheels on this case.

Outside dimensions of the case are 18.25"w x 15.625"d x 14.5"h.

The larger Ten2 model is for the Ten2 Combo, the FLEX System, and the Ten2 EX extension speaker

(Though for the Ten2 EX you'll want to put some additional gear and/or padding in it to take up the empty space).


The Ten2 model case is larger and heavier to accommodate the larger speaker cabinet. It also adds recessed corner wheels and a retractable handle, so you can wheel it around! Two large handles on either end allow for easy wrangling and lifting. Unloaded, the case is a little under 32.5 lbs, and with a Ten2 combo in it it tips the scales at a bit less than 67.5 lbs.

The loading of the amp is a little different on this one; you lay the box down on the floor and lay the amp in on its back -- the padding is contoured to fit the rounded profile of the back of the amp -- and then place the cover on top and lock it down.

(As mentioned above, if using for a Ten2 EX extension, it is shorter, and some additional padding or other items should be put in the case to keep it from sliding around. For the FLEX System, that extra room is perfect for the FLEX Head in its padded bag.)

To wheel it around, you then tip the case on its end, and the wheels and handles are right there and ready to roll!

Outside dimensions of the case are 19.25"w x 18.875"d x 21.25"h.


Prices are very reasonable, especially considering that these are USA-Made cases that are custom-manufactured specifically for your amp!

This case is not manufactured by Acoustic Image, and it is only available at Gollihur Music.

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