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  • Acoustic Image

    Backpack for Acoustic Image Doubleshot Speaker Cabinet

    This backpack is a handy way to carry around the DoubleShot speaker, a Clarus SL/SL-R/SL-2 (or similar-sized tiny amp head), and some cords and other small accessories. Can be worn as a backpack or carried conventionally. Beautifully crafted by Mooradian...

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  • Acoustic Image

    Backpack for Acoustic Image UpShot Speaker Cabinet

    Harvie S. said he wanted the speaker to fit in a backpack, so it was only natural that Acoustic Image would create a backpack for hauling it around. The backpack fits the UpShot, a Clarus SL/SL-R/SL-2 (or similar-sized tiny amp head) and small...

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  • Acoustic Image

    Carry Bag Case for Clarus Heads (and removable combo heads)

    The same "Original Equipment" Padded Case that is included with the Series III and Series 4 Clarus and Clarus+ amps. It can also be used for the removable ("Cabrio") head units from the Coda+, Corus+ and Ten2 combos!This is a pro quality, nicely padded...

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  • Genzler Amplification

    COVERS/BAGS for Genzler Amps and Speaker Cabinets

    We've got the stellar Bass Array cabinets from Genzler Amplification, and we've also got the very nice padded covers and bags that are custom-made just for them. You can order them here! Heavy-Duty, Padded Cover for BA12-3 Cabinet (1x12)This is a premium...

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  • Euphonic Audio

    Euphonic Audio Padded Covers for Combos and Cabinets

    Nicely padded cover for the EA line of cabinets; they have access for the handles for ease of carrying the cabinets around, and protect the cabinet from scratches and surface damage. NOTE: The cover for the MLINE cabinet is designed for the Black MLINE,...

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  • Flight Cases for Acoustic Image Combos and Speakers

    FINALLY! A Hard Case for your Acoustic Image Combo! For almost as long as we've sold the Acoustic Image combos (going all the way back to 2001!) people have been asking about hard cases for their amps. For some of the early models, AI offered a...

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  • Gollihur Music amp/gig bag for small amplifiers and accessories.

    Gollihur Music

    Small Gig Bag for Amp Heads, Accessories (Grey)

    The newest version of our popular amp/gig bag is here! This one might just be our best yet. With very flexible design and good looks, it is a very handy, well-designed piece of kit. The bag features an outer nylon (similar to Cordura-brand) layer that is...

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