Privacy Policy

Gollihur Music Privacy Policy
Updated December 2020


Your privacy has always been as important to us as it is to you. We respect your right to have your details kept in a safe and secure manner, and trust that our privacy policy properly explains what information we collect and how it is used.


Gollihur Music only collects information relevant for processing of your order and to contact you. We only collect the basic information that is required to perform these tasks, such as: your name, company name, addresses (billing/shipping), email address, and phone numbers. All of this data is kept in an encrypted, limited-access database with multiple layers of security, to protect you from anyone having unauthorized access to it. We do not store your credit card information on our servers, and do not have access to the card data once it has been processed.


Gollihur Music uses your information for the following (but not limited to) purposes:
  • Processing, shipping and following-up of orders you might place with us
  • Creating refund or credit transactions, if needed
  • Providing you with order progress, shipping, tracking and order history information
  • Delivering Promotional or News items to you at your request (Opt-IN, easy unsubscribe)
  • Answering your questions
  • Sending you product information, or assistance, at your request
  • Providing you with historical details pertaining to your transaction history with us


Gollihur Music does NOT sell or share customer information with any other party for promotional use unless otherwise specified, or unless you give us permission. Such a case where information is shared for non-promotional use would be in the case of a drop-ship order, or a manufacturer/supplier warranty or other issue where the manufacturer/supplier would need your contact information to fulfill their obligations. We also provide your information to our trusted shippers (UPS, US Postal Service) so that they can deliver your purchases, notify you of shipment progress, and/or provide you with tracking information and delivery options.


This privacy information does not apply to information you supply for posting on our luthier and teacher directories, which are designed to elicit business referrals, and therefore require your contact information (as provided to us). This information can be updated, edited, or removed from our website at any time, simply contact us to request the change and we will respond as quickly as reasonably possible.


We offer the ability to sign up (opt-in) for our "occasional" newsletter - a sporadically sent email that can contain a combination of informative articles, FAQs, product information, and promotional information. We may also send occasional emails to make you aware of sales, promotions, new items, and other important notices - but we try to keep it to a minimum. If you are not a buying customer, your email address is all that is collected, and sending those emails (an average of one or two per month) is the only thing that email address is used for. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email, or by changing settings in your online account. If you are a purchasing customer, your opt-in subscription is tied to your existing customer information, which is used only for the purposes stated earlier in our policy. Again, you can unsubscribe at any time, and subscription to the email list is not required to make purchases or use other website features.


This website automatically captures IP addresses, which helps us to prevent fraud, diagnose problems with our web systems, and ensure the security and authenticity of your visit to this site. This protects you, should you proceed to make a purchase and use our high-level encrypted checkout procedure.

Furthermore, this website uses a simple cookie which enables you to create a shopping cart and navigate your way through our checkout. Put simply - this cookie allows our site to:
  • Remember what is in your shopping cart
  • Remember how far you have progressed in your order
  • Keep you logged into your user profile
  • Ensure that your details are secure
  • Carry limited order information (order total, email address) over to payment services like PayPal for your convenience
  • Other, related functionality similar to above
We do not use IP addresses or information collected by the simple cookie for any other purposes than the ones listed above.

Other cookies that may be collected on the Gollihur Music site serve only to log your visit details with traffic services (like Google Analytics) - this data is for our own usage only and is not shared with third parties. As mentioned above, cookies may be used in conjunction with carrying over limited order information to payment services like PayPal, in order to simplify and provide the convenience of quick, efficient order completion. We may also provide the functionality for you to share some of our content with social networks like Facebook; these optional features may use cookies to operate - but you can simply opt not to use them if you prefer not to have cookies collected by these functions. Your usage of third-party, optional functions (like "Share on Social Network" buttons) constitutes an acknowledgement that cookies may be created/collected in order to use those functions.


This should be obvious, but for the purposes of clarity: By virtue of the fact that making purchases from a retailer -- such as Gollihur Music, LLC -- requires that you enter your name, payment and address information; this means that your use of our services requires that we collect and store, at least temporarily, the aforementioned data that makes such a transaction possible. Specifically stated, by using features on our site -- whether you are making purchases, or using other features related to our business or services -- you consent to our collection, use, sharing and storing of information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Further, by doing so, you understand and agree that the minimal information which we collect from you is necessary for us to provide the services. Your stored data also cannot be deleted if you have placed any orders, as we must maintain complete and accurate sales records for accounting and legal purposes.

Put more simply/bluntly: we can't charge your card and send you stuff if you don't let us collect your credit card and your address.


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect 25 May 2018. There are specific rights that are offered to our customers from the EU concerning their personal information. Note that all of the information we have in relation to any person is available for that person to view, in full, in their password-protected and fully encrypted "User Profile." All order history and basic information can be viewed and edited there at one's leisure. In cases where a customer has a recent order, we are required to keep that order/customer data long enough to ensure that we can process refunds or other order-related tasks.


If you have any questions relating to our usage policies, or something that is not covered here, please feel free to contact us directly using the following contact details: