In-Person Visits

What if I want to try something before I buy? Can I visit Gollihur Music?

Our office/warehouse is located among the beautiful rural farmland of Southwest New Jersey, about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, PA. (It's the part of the state that earns New Jersey its nickname of "The Garden State.") I stress office/warehouse, because we're not set up for "walk-in" traffic - we're an internet store, and we're not staffed to handle regular "bricks and mortar" store traffic. And there isn't much to see, unless you're really into cardboard boxes! (And maybe you ought to see someone about that.)

That said, if you are in our neck of the woods, and wish to visit -- to either pick something up in person, or to examine something that we sell first-hand -- we are happy to schedule an appointment ahead of time, and pull some product out of the back room for you to check out.

Please, try to avoid "tire kicking" visits - we are a small staff, and hope that you can appreciate and respect that our order processing/packing/shipping time is valuable and limited. But we can and will always do our best to accommodate you.

Also note: if you plan on purchasing something when you visit, please bring a check or a credit card (or be prepared to use a smartphone to pay with PayPal), as we cannot accept cash for purchases (we have no cash register, or cash, on premises). Please also know that purchases made in person are subject to 6.625% New Jersey sales tax, regardless of what state you live in.