Our Commitment to Genuine Products

genuine.gifJust like everyone, I like paying less. In fact, I've talked about it quite a bit in our newsletters over the years - hunting bargains is a bit of a hobby of mine. Of course, my wife says I'm destined to "go broke, saving money," but I digress...

You should be aware, as a consumer, that product counterfeiting is a real thing. D'Addario was openly highlighting their issues with it back in 2010, with this blog post (which specifically talks about illegal copies of their guitar strings.) And one of our competitors recently sent out a blast email saying that they have evidence that there are "fakes" of Thomastik and Pirastro double bass strings coming into the US Market from Asia. Other products can be counterfeited, too - there was a big kerfuffle a little over a decade ago with fake Oktava microphones hitting the American market (and sold, unknowingly, through big music stores, too!)

Gollihur Music has close to a 20-year working relationship with both Pirastro and the sole factory-authorized Thomastik US Distributor, and I have confirmed that there are some people/shops/online marketplaces selling those strings (among other strings and products) who are "getting around" the system, despite their protestations to the contrary. Look, I'm familiar with some of the sources where strings can be purchased at big discounts -- I've been regularly approached by other distribution companies, offering lower wholesale pricing on some of the strings I carry. When I ask them where those strings are coming from, they will not -- or cannot -- tell me.

That's all I need to know. Ya know?

All that I'm suggesting is that you ask that the store you buy from is sourcing their strings (and other items) directly from the factory-authorized source(s). You can rest assured, Gollihur Music always does - we have always provided *genuine* goods at a fair, market-value low price. And as for strings, we always offer free shipping, to all 50 states (on sets AND single strings)! ...as well as offering "extras" like added tip sheets, instructions and bonus items.

And all of this information applies to all of the items we sell; pickups, preamps, amps, books, DVDs, rosin, and so on... we have sourced our products from one of many trusted distributors, and can guarantee that brand-name products sold on our site are the genuine, first-quality, made for the US Market products that you expect and deserve.

If you ever have questions about the legitimacy of any of the products we sell, we're happy to discuss them with you. As for which online sellers might be selling products of questionable origin, that is for you to research and decide - I cannot name names and won't drop hints.