• Roth Sihon

    (Wire) Performance Mute for Upright Bass

    This unusual mute slides onto the strings between the bridge and tailpiece. It's made of nickel-plated spring steel, with clear flexible tubing and brass spacers. The mute slides on a pair of strings to adjust the nature of the sound, and can even be...

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  • Ebony Performance Mute for Upright Bass

    The new piece you're playing has a direction for con sordino? Sounds like you need a mute! Made of ebony, this bass mute (on the left) is the classic three prong style. It's designed primarily for performance muting; by attaching it to the...

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  • Tourte

    Genuine Tourte Performance Mute for Upright Bass

    The Tourte Mute is easy to use - the mute has two holes that slide over your D and A strings, allowing it to rest on the tailpiece when not in use - right within easy reach. As soon as you get to a section in the music specifying Con Sordini, just reach...

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  • Nordstrand

    Ninomute for double bass and electric upright

    This mute is a relatively new product from Nordstrand, the pickup-maker for electric basses (I have some Nordstrand pickups on my six-string bass guitar and they are outstanding!) It's based on a mute they originally made for bass guitar, and thanks to...

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  • Ultra

    Ultra Rubber Practice Mute for Upright Bass

    The Ultra Practice Mute is molded from sound-deadening rubber, and for practice muting is superior to metal mutes. Proudly made in the USA.This, similar to the ebony performance mute (see links, below) also fixes onto the bridge of the instrument to...

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