Genuine Tourte Performance Mute for Upright Bass

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  • Genuine Tourte Performance Mute for Upright Bass
  • Genuine Tourte Performance Mute for Upright Bass, on bass
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The Tourte Mute is easy to use - the mute has two holes that slide over your D and A strings, allowing it to rest on the tailpiece when not in use - right within easy reach. As soon as you get to a section in the music specifying Con Sordini, just reach down and slide the mute over the end of your bridge... simple as that!(Check it out installed on our Estle Louis bass to the left).

This mute is primarily for performance and does not significantly reduce the volume of the instrument; it is used to eliminate some of the overtones, creating a "softer" sound.

Made of durable rubber, and able to be left on the bass (so you won't lose it or leave it at rehearsal!) this mute is a convenient and durable alternative to typical ebony mutes, while still achieving the same desired sound.

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