Price Matching Policy

Does Gollihur Music Match Prices?

Well, it doesn't hurt to ask.

We do our best to maintain fair, competitive prices on everything we carry. We regularly monitor competitor's sites to ensure that our prices are comparable to (or better than) our relevant competitors. However, sometimes you might find what looks like a better deal somewhere else, and when that happens, we'd like to try win your business.

Here's the deal: If you've found an item that we sell, priced lower at another online retailer, and that retailer:

  • Is an authorized retailer of the merchandise
  • Is selling the same exact product
    • Same model/version
    • By the same manufacturer
    • In the same condition (new, A-stock, open box, etc.)
    • Including the same bonus items, if applicable
  • Has the item you want in stock
  • Has the price openly published on their site (without the need to enter a password or other such nonsense)

...then we'll usually match the price if at all possible.

We don't match items listed on eBay, Reverb, or other similar listing sites. We don't match Amazon, Temu, or Wish, or other mass-market stores that don't know anything about musical gear and who cannot properly support your use of it. We don't match pricing from stores outside the USA, as cost structure, distribution, shipping, taxes/VAT, and other factors influence pricing in ways we cannot control.

Also, be sure to make note of the shipping costs - most items on our site ship for free to the USA. For example:

  • if a set of strings is priced $5 cheaper at a competitor, but they charge $9 to ship them, we're still the better deal by $4.
  • Likewise, a match is a match: if we're selling an item for $10 more than the competitor, and they charge $9 for shipping and we do free shipping, we'll match the $10 discount and charge $9 for shipping, just like they do, for a net savings of $1. Fair is fair.

So give us a call. Or, if you've dealt with us before, you should have an email address you can send your "match request" to. If you haven't, then please click over to our "contact us" page, where you can use the form to send us a polite request to match a price. You'll need to solve one of those CAPTCHA thingies (sorry, we get way too much SPAM without it) but we will respond.

Something to Consider:
Genuine products ONLY at Gollihur MusicOur Commitment to Genuine Products 

If most stores have (pretty much) the same price on a particular item, and one particular shop has a substantially lower price for that "same" item, you probably should ask yourself:

"Am I really getting what I think I'm getting here?"

We want you to be certain that you are purchasing original, genuine products. Counterfeiters have the ability (through advanced machines and cheap labor) to make very convincing copies, so in many cases there is no way to easily distinguish between originals and copies. The best thing that you can do is to make sure you are purchasing their products from established shops who buy their products directly from the manufacturer or an authorized distributor -- like Gollihur Music ALWAYS does.

Gollihur Music is always doing our best to maximize your enjoyment in music-making by providing products that are held to a tight standard of quality and performance, and ONLY acquired through the proper channels - we use absolutely no "gray-market" sources or shady distributors - making your purchases in our store fully covered under applicable manufacturer warranties and quality assurances.

When a store with a "killer" price can't honestly say the same, and the products subsequently don't meet the standard of quality that they should be meeting, it ends up not being such a "great deal" after all