Microphone Accessories

  • Ve Leen Music/Gollihur Music

    BassOnStage Mk2 Microphone Gooseneck Mount for Upright Bass

    Lots of journeyman (and woman) players have gotten to gigs and found that they need to mic the bass unexpectedly. The old Bluegrass trick is to slip a mic into a gym sock, and drop it behind the tailpiece against the body. Sure, it works (kind of), but...

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  • ExplorAUDIO

    H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts

    It obviously depends on the music and the venue -- but nothing sounds more natural, when amplifying or recording your bass, than a microphone. Upright Bass pickups were, essentially, a compromise - developed for situations when a microphone wasn't...

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