2-Channel Phantom Power Supply for Professional Condenser Microphones

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Sometimes you just need phantom power. The mics from AMT and DPA both require it, and the Stagebug DI from Radial Engineering does too.

What's phantom power?
Certain circuits feature "active" electronics - rather than "passive" - and therefore require electrical current to operate. The manufacturers of these items (usually condenser mics) could install a power jack on the unit, so you could plug a power cord into it - but that would look sloppy, be unwieldy (another wire hanging off a mic? No thanks!) So the manufacturers, a long time ago, figured out how to send the necessary electrical current back up the same mic cable that carries the mic's signal to the mixer. So, the power is supplied via no additional cable - sort of mysterious if you don't know what's going on! Is it invisible? Hence, "phantom" power.

Anyway, most modern mixing boards provide phantom power (usually on a switch) but most bass amps don't. And if you want to use a condenser mic with such an amp (or an older mixer, etc.) you'll need another piece of gear. And if you're not interested in using a full-blown mic preamp (like the ART unit we offer as a package with some of our mics) then the next likely option is one of these.

Simply plug the output of the mic into one of the mic inputs, and the mic output goes directly to your amp or mixing board. Easy-peasy - the box provides the power, and passes the mic signal through unchanged.

Made by SignalFlex, a well-known and respected brand.

If you are purchasing this together with an AMT or DPA microphone, we will happily offer it at a substantial discount. Contact us for details!
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