Customer Testimonials

Over more than two decades, we've served the needs of a lot of bassists.

Quite a lot of them have been highly complimentary of the service and products that they've received at Gollihur Music. They've been kind enough to tell us (and, even better, their bass-playing friends) just how happy they were with how we helped them out.

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All of the quotes below are reproduced from unsolicited emails that were sent to us over the last 20+ years. Before it was easy to leave reviews at places like Google and Trusted Site (above), these folks were inclined to proactively take the time to jot us a note, to tell us that they appreciate what we do.

I hope you enjoy reading over these -- I know that revisiting them always makes me feel really positive about what we do here.


 quoteleft.png quoteright.pngSo anyway....there are few times in my life where I seek an answer and get such a good result. Thank you so much for answering my email and recommending this pick up. You have a customer for life...

Thomas M. (February 2020)


 quoteleft.png quoteright.pngThanks for another great experience getting supplies for my business. Always friendly and helpful, good advice, amazingly fast service!

John T (December 2019)


 quoteleft.png quoteright.pngGentlemen, Everything arrived Saturday. Thank you so much for the (as always) excellent service. I really like the strings! Thanks for taking the time to point me in that direction. Keep up the good work and have a great holiday season. All the best.

J.D. (November 2019)


 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just wanted to say, your employee, Sam, was exceptionally helpful today - I don't see as well as I used to and was having trouble navigating the website. Sam helped me figure out what strings I needed to purchase for a friend who bought a '46 Kay M-5 that I used to own. Excellent service and very friendly. Thanks!

B.C. (November 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for the help on the phone. Really like your web site. Clean, informative, relaxed. You sound like a group of guys just giving good advice, not a hard sale. Thanks.

W.S. (October 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you so much! I got the new bridge cut down and set up. Really pleased with the sound of my bass and excited to be playing it. The instructions you provided were a great help and saved me a lot of time and headache.

Nate B (October 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you so much for the awesome NXT4 cello. You offered the best price online and i must say, Gollihur Music has the best customer service that i have ever experienced. Thank you!

Jahni C (October 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png WOW!!! Within two minutes of receiving my order confirmation, I received a shipment confirmation. Needless to say I was a little skeptical. That was Friday afternoon about 3:30pm. Well I received my package today, with a signed order sheet. Unbelievable customer service, much better than that "A" online store. Keep up the great work! We'll be back for future needs.

John D. (September 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark- I got my Bassmaster RB Plus unit yesterday (two - day delivery - Fantastic!) It sounds great. I appreciate that you go the extra mile and put in the notes on install above and beyond what K&K provides. Shows you know the product and can give great customer support. Had it temp'd in in about 10 minutes. Working on the optimum placement now before permanent install. Sounds fantastic through my SVT-3 and 6x10 cabinet. It's a great product and your company was a pleasure to work with. Thanks...

Daniel M. (August 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png 28 hours from web order to delivery. Wow.

Joan B. (July 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your descriptions, reviews and general info was so helpful. I just got my Innovation Golden Slaps and I LOVE them!!! Thanks for being such a great resource in addition to being the best price around. I love going to shows and seeing other players walking around with Gollihur bass bags! Well, that’s it, keep up the good work!

Jim F. (May 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, I wanted to send props where they're very much deserved. I'm a 40+ year gigging bassist, and now also a music retailer. Every day I work with our customers, I try my best to model my approach after a very small number of businesses that have given me outstanding service over the years. Gollihur Music is very high on that list, as I've always gotten exemplary products and service from Bob, and now you. The latest example was yesterday, when you took the time to help me troubleshoot my Eminence bass pickup... you could have simply sold me a new one. As it turns out my pickup was fine and your advice saved me a couple hundred bucks. Rest assured that I'll continue to direct my business to Gollihur, and I'll also do my best to emulate your approach. Thanks!

Mike C (February 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I want to thank you for all the advice I’ve received (for my NS Design bass). The NS Traditional strings sound so good, and the Hipshot tuners dropped in easily and feel really solid. Thanks for the expert advice and great customer service!

Jason D. (January 2019)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks to Gollihur, I have been able to go from feeling like I had to play electric all the time and could never get a good amplified string bass sound, to having a GREAT, consistently dependable, amplified string bass sound. I now am able to play my string bass for all but the most obviously electric tunes. I have a great sound and wanted to share my experience in case it can help any other players whom you may advise.

Michael R. (December 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I may never have tried any of these products without your info-packed website & support. Thanks again!

Doug W (December 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Guys! Thanks for the the quick shipping; I received the Ehrlund today-even with a shipping method change via email over the weekend. And more significantly, your knowledge and experience with the products you sell from the bottom up (the way it should!)

C.R.M. (November 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you so much for the outstanding service! My WAV4 arrived today, much quicker than I expected, and it is beautiful. Mark’s information was very helpful and I have already set the bridge to my liking to give it the feel of my ‘73 Engelhart (the measurement suggestions were right on for a Bluegrass setup)! I play in a couple different Bluegrass bands and I also play Contemporary Christian music on the worship team at Church. Between having MS and back issues this will be much easier to tote around on a regular basis. I’ve been playing for 33 years on that old Engelhart and my dad bought it new and played it when I was a kid so I’ll still break it out for special occasions but my WAV4 is going to get plenty of work. Thanks again for the outstanding service!

Joseph V (November 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Great experience with my first order here. Placed Monday. Arrived Wednesday. Replacement end pin fit perfectly and the on site advice allowed me to pick the correct items. Had it installed in minutes, before the holiday and able to adjust the bass for my height. Also want to thank Mark for the help he gave me about strings when I first arrived at this site. Very helpful. I'm "borrowing" a used set of Obligatos from my teacher to help me decide. Will definitely send my business your way based on experience so far.

Alan R (November 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Got my bass buggy on Sunday and I love it. It was so helpful that you provided your custom made instructions. I have had nothing but positive experiences dealing with your shop. You do a great job!

Jan M (November 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hello! You guys have been a great resource for me as I continue to pursue bass. Every time I look at your site for information on parts, advice, and general info, I become happier and happier I play the bass, and there are small shops like your own that are as excited as I am to play. I purchased a set of strings from you about a year ago and have been very happy with the quality. The first time care package that came with it also made it feel like I was a part of the family. I will definitely continue to do business here!

Stephen C (November 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for going beyond just answering my questions and actually taking a minute to relate some of your experience. That, plus the speed of the free shipping is some of the best service I've experienced. I will definitely be recommending you to whoever I know that's in the market for new gear. Thanks again!

James C. (October 2018)



quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Fast shipping and great service, a winning combination.

Robert B. (September 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Great to see an awesome bass shop selling incredible gear that is backed up by the store and manufacturer... Bravo! I will only buy gear through Gollihur from this point on and will definitely continue to amplify with Acoustic Image. Many thanks for delivering crucial gear to me in less than two days during a major hurricane... Outstanding Customer Service!

Matt M (September 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Ever since I "went upright" (Stagg, then Yamaha SLB200) about four years ago I have been drawn to your site with all its goodies and fantastic links and advice. When I recently bought a second hand Engelhardt blonde Swingmaster that you had shipped to a Canadian customer in 2008, I based my decision to buy partly on info on your site and was pleased to see the original owner had kept all the paper work and info from you with the K&K pickup and preamp that he ordered with the bass... lots of good tips in there. When I wanted to try a different pickup with less string noise and a "woodier" sound naturally I called you. It seems all the glowing reviews of Gollihur are true - great advice based on real experience and good service (same day shipping). Your info sheet about fitting the KNA DB-1 was MUCH better than the instructions from KNA and the sandpaper around a thin metal ruler worked well for me. You obviously listen to your customers and even included a reference to our phone conversation.THANKS for the great personal service and advice.
I have spent a lot of time checking out many of the links you provide and between that and the product info on your site have learned an awful lot about basses, thanks for all your work. I can now brag to other bass folks about actually talking to Mark Gollihur! One more time, thanks!

Bob B (August 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You guys are amazing. After decades of being a bass guitar player, I’m branching out into the world of arco and upright with an NXT4 and your site has been a treasure trove of information and knowledge. Even trying to find the Traditional strings up here, north of Toronto, has been near impossible yet you guys got them here in just a few days, and for a better price than the local shops wanted for ordering them in! Keep up the good work!

Ed F (January 2018)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you again for all of your help. I will highly recommend you to anyone who requires services such as the ones that you provide.

Michael C (October 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just wanted to let you guys know that my order that I placed on Friday arrived today. The fact that you not only shipped it free but priority also is just awesome (especially since I ordered a lot of stuff). This is only my third order from you guys but it will definitely not be the last. Your consistently great customer service is what sets you apart from other online retailers.

Jason P (September 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I would like to report that Mark Gollihur was Excellent with his product knowledge and customer service! This was a totally painless order. Mark had all the answers I needed to choose the right strings for my Upright Bass application! Good prices on the strings, and same day shipping! I will be purchasing from Gollihur Music for my Upright Bass needs in the future! I don't know if Mark has an actual store front in New Jersey, but I look forward to stopping in to meet him next time I visit my brother in NJ if he does! Thank you Mark for an easy experience shopping with you!

Saul M (July 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Mark, Received my strings yesterday with other goodies. I appreciate the tip articles and your hand written message. It’s nice to do business with someone who understands bass players!

John C. (May 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Gollihur crew, I just wanted to say thanks so much to all of you guys who talked to me via phone and e-mail, and helped me out with this bass purchase.  Your knowledge and answers to my questions were top notch, and I really appreciate the intimate customer care.  I could tell right away from first reading over your website and talking one on one with you that you are deeply passionate about, not only beautiful stringed instruments, but quality services for customers... you guys rock! 'Cause yeah... life is, of course, too short for bad tone.... love it!!!
Cheers, Gollihur crew!!!

Matty M (May 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png The pickup you sent sounds amazing right out of the box, shipping was super fast! And free! You have a customer for life - you rock, and now I do too!

Glenn R. (April 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Mark, As always, everything arrived quickly and in order. Thank you. Just FYI, this is not the first for Gollihur Music, and me. I have not been as active on the bass, but I first started dealing with Gollihur when your Father, Bob, was on the Marquee. You were still an up and comer. Many, many, moons ago. Thanks again. Greetings from Canada!

Robert L. (March 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just got my first order in the mail from you guys, and I just wanted to say how awesome you guys are. I was recommended to you by my bass professor, and I'm very impressed with how quickly I got my parts, and the extra steps you took (sending all the tips and documentation). I know where to go next time I need parts!

Cole T (March 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your facts sheet is awesome. wish I'd had your web site 30 years ago. Dig your vibe.

Todd J. (February 2017)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Being a newbie to upright, I was advised by everyone to order exclusively from you guys. Now I understand why.

Michael B. (January 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png to: mr. mark gollihur and the rest of gollihur music
happy holidays! thank you for shipping my orders.
aside from the items arriving completely (including the 2 endpin rubber tips), it arrived in its top condition... i felt like a 7-year old boy opening his christmas present as i unboxed it. my christmas was indeed joyful! i would definitely recommend gollihur music to all my bass friends. i would be very keen and eager to complete any satisfaction survey or customer feedback. just send me the link. i wish you good health, good business, prosperity, happiness, and all the best throughout 2017.
happy new year!

Alex G (December 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Gentlemen , I just want to say that I have received all my gear that I ordered , and much quicker than I anticipated for crossing into Canada . All the gear meets expectations , great quality , I look forward to disappearing for a couple days to dig in get playing with everything ! Last , fantastic service , fast , informative , no where else can a bass player find such bass specific gear . Happy Holidays!

Bill M (December 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Mark, Got your "Tips" letter today on how to care for my new bass bag (which arrived yesterday). I've always been pleased with the special attention you give customers, like these tips, and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated. Thanks!

Bob A (December 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hello Mark. I just a note to say thanks for your help on a non-normal string set order. I had been searching for a string set tuned in 5ths vs. the normal 4ths. Spirocore and Obligato are the choices for these sets and most places only sell a complete set. I inquired if you sell individual strings out of the 5ths tuning sets to make up my dream set which is Spirocore light C and G then the Obligato D and A for better bow ability on the upper strings. You responded quickly with pricing for each string and a link to place the order. The price for the split set was also very competitive to a normal complete set. You then proceeded to fill and ship the order the same day! I even asked about purchasing a pickup jack mount kit and you threw it in for free! The strings are now on the bass and I am starting to re-train my mind to a 5ths tuning fingerboard. Great to have a low C at hand without an extension!! Thanks again for your help!

Rod S (November 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I really love that your store also educates your clients about the products. Thanks again!

Denise S (November 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png The Gollihurs are a class act. They are double bassists themselves, they test the gear they offer, if it’s not good quality they won’t sell it. You’ll find a wide variety of products at a range of price points on their website, everything for the beginner to the working pro at competitive prices. Best of all, their customer service is second to none. They go to great lengths to ensure that every customer is satisfied. You’ll also find a huge amount of free info and links to other bass related sites on their website. I’ve dealt with them regularly for a dozen years or more, and have never had a bad experience or sketchy product. Thanks Bob, Mark and Chris, you’ve earned my business, you will continue to be my first choice for bass related gear."

Eric J (October 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you for the speedy delivery of the set of bass strings!!! I ordered the strings on Friday Oct.21 and the strings were in my mail box (in Canada) by noon today (Thursday). That is a record delivery time for our postal service in addition to the delivery from the USA.
Your sales person, Chris was very helpful and courteous. I will definitely promote your business in my music circles.

Linda G (October 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png A wide variety of quality products at numerous price points vetted by real players, excellent prices, free (or reasonable) shipping,  customer service second to none, and a mother-lode of free, helpful information- this is the Gollihur business model.  There’s no place like this place!  Thank you gentlemen, it’s a pleasure doing business with you.

Eric J (October 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Howdy Gollihurs - Just wanted to thank you for the great service you do for the double bass playing community by offering detailed and meaningful reviews of a huge variety of double bass strings. With the price of most sets now at or near $200, a casual double bass player like me (I play mostly electric, and some upright electric) can't afford to experiment lightly with strings. The info you provide is invaluable to making an informed choice.

Ben C (August 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi I have been thrilled with every purchase I've made from you guys, and your willingness to answer questions and offer free advice over the phone.

Bill F (August 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks to Mark for his help and advice. And thanks to your blazingly fast service, I was able to complete a job for a good client while he was away for the weekend. Ordered friday, got my supplies Saturday! You guys are the best!

John T (August 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, just wanted to let you know that I received my total order and was very pleased with the prices, quality and timely delivery. Your suggestion for strings was excellent. Looking forward to purchasing from you in the future. Thanks again...   

Phil M (June 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I'm a recording engineer and an electric bass player for 35 years. (so I kind of know what I'm doing), but I recently got my first standup bass and needed strings and a pickup. The Gollihur website provided me with good advice (and great descriptions) on both purchases and good prices on both. I particularly love that every purchase comes with pages of useful info. Study what you need, ignore what you don't. What great resource!

Dan R (June 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I don't even think twice anymore about checking on bass forums or Google; I know you guys will do me right and your product reviews are honest.

Jon P (June 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Needless to say should the opportunity ever come up for recommending amps as far as I am concerned it will be AI and Gollihur Music as the place to go, end of story.

Christopher L (May 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, I want to thank you for the help. Gollihur is my go to place for URB. Always helpful. You are my best source for quick, concise and meaningful information and help. The .com site and your phone help have always been my main source for knowledge/information. You are always willing, friendly & super helpful/informative. Bridge selection help, String selection help, Rosin selection help can't be beat. I am very impressed and really appreciate the help. Thanks again and very best regards.

Carl L. (May 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your help, always, and I hope to talk to you soon. Thanks again, and I wish you well.

Ramon Z. (April 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi there- Thank you for not only the quick shipping on my order of strings, but your wonderful tips on Changing Upright Bass Strings. This was my first time changing them out -- and your tips made it MUCH easier. Thanks to your tips (and advice from a couple of ace bass grad students here at the University), I was successful. Thanks again, guys! cheers-   

Laura G (March 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I feel compelled to say that out of the three highly recommended bass sellers I have been in contact with, Gollihur Music has -- by far -- had the best customer service so far. One company basically just flat out said they couldn't work with me on anything. The other tried to get me to purchase now despite me saying that I was not interested in financing and that I was going to wait until May or June so I could just purchase outright. So, thank you for the good service.

M.W. (March 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you for all your help! I will highly recommend you to anyone that plays upright. My bass never sounded so good with the setup I bought from you. Thanks again!

Tim T (March 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, I have nothing but good things to say about your company! Fast service, accurate product descriptions, and a feeling of true customer care and service! Can't wait to order something else! Have a good day!

Charlie W (February 2016)


 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, your response time is remarkable!  It inspires FIERCE loyalty in customers.  Customers like me.

William B (January 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just wanted to say what a great job you guys do. I have used your site many times both for the researching and buying of gear and have never been disappointed. Your commitment to excellence is greatly appreciated.

Tom W. (January 2016)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Can't believe how fast you shipped my item!! Talk about service!! Thanks, you guys are great!!!!

Kevin D (November 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Wow! You guys are always fast but the strings I ordered yesterday at lunch were here first thing this morning. Have a great day.

Kevin N (September 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Mark, I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know I received my new amp yesterday and for the first time since I've been playing the upright bass I am happy with my tone while amplified. It is exactly what I wanted it to be. I also want to say how grateful I am for the way you bent over backwards to work with me to help me get the amp.... you guys are the best!
Thank you!"

Jay C (September 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just a thank you for sending this order so quickly. I received it the next day at 10:30 AM EST. That was about 14hrs 30 min after the online order. Bravo guys.

Win H. (September 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png As a repeat customer, I continue to be very happy with my latest purchase and usual quick friendly service! Many thanks!!

Rod S (May 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Mark and Bob, Thanks once again for another great experience. I have received, installed, and tested my new Pickup (in front of an audience). I love it. You guys are AWESOME!! I have placed 3-4 orders with you over the past couple of years and you ALWAYS exceed expectations with quality and delivery. Thank you for what you do!

Jason M. (April 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you for such useful information in the product info sections and thanks also to Mark who e-mailed answers to my questions. I am grateful that everything I have purchased from you has fit my needs and performed exactly as you described.

Lynn E. (April 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Gollihur Music is a class act.  I ordered some items as birthday presents for my son and shipment was on time.  However, on inspecting the package, I noticed that the bass bow case I ordered was missing.  I contacted Gollihur Music to find out why I had not yet received the case, and Mark let me know that it was back-ordered.  He pointed me to the shipping e-mail Gollihur sent me, and sure enough, it was right there in black and white – the item was back ordered.  I had just neglected to read the e-mail carefully.  When I explained that the case was a birthday present, Mark swapped out a more expensive case at no extra cost and rushed delivery to ensure it arrived in time for my son’s birthday.  Thanks for the excellent customer service that exceeded expectations!

John F (April 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you for your newsletter. And for being more than just a source of gear. The info you put out there makes all the difference in the world when I'm searching for what I need.

Lynn E. (April 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You guys rock. As the owner of a stringed instrument repair business, I know customer service is key. You get it, totally. When I order from you, I know I'm going to get great service, and I've received expert advice on the phone when I was unsure what to order. Keep up the good work, and best of luck to you both!

John T. (March 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Guys, As a pro electric bass player but intermediate upright player, I found your website to be extremely helpful and educational. As a guitar store manager and e-commerce specialist myself I would rate my whole experience with Gollihur music as AAA+. Keep up the good work and I look forward to dealing with you guys again!

D.R. (January 2015)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I have purchased from here several times and appreciate the system you have in place. Your information section allows me to compare, learn and decide the best product for my application, the prices are as fair as any on line group that offers none of the experience or info you offer and my orders are received efficiently and undamaged. Thank you.

Lynn E (December 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to say thanks again to you all for your fast service. I've now ordered a new set of strings, a pickup, and a DI box. I tell you, you all have customer for life. All the best, truly

Guy J (November 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for a wonderful product and I recommend your products to any person that is sincere about their instruments and the quality of sound.

Jerry H (October 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks a million, Mark. It is such a pleasure to work with you and I know we will be customers for a long time. The personal service you provide and the way you approach your business is a breath of fresh air and very much appreciated.

Krista K (October 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Love your reviews! That's why I shop at Gollihur. Because of the great info and recommendations. :-)

Amy C (September 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I love ordering from these guys. I bought my primary bow through them a few years ago and I order accessories periodically. I bought an NS Design NXT a few years back as well and they were very helpful in the decision making process. They're honest and they know what they're talking about, that is the reason that I will continue to come back to them as often as possible!

David A (August 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for the courteous and professional manner in which you helped me deal with my problems. Me being an amateur musician didn't seem to matter to you, so I commend Gollihur Music for treating the amateur player with the same respect and care you'd treat a pro bass player. We'll do business again.

Rick S. (August 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png As always your descriptions of the pickup's performance - and your efficiency in shipping products out - is spot on. Many thanks from a satisfied long-time customer...

David R (May 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I look forward to continuing to business with Gollihur Music in the future. Absolutely phenomenal experience with your customer service and the information on your website.
Thank you so much...

Rod K (March 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You guys rock and your help is unbeatable. Called with some general questions and the guy was able to quickly assess how much I knew and talk to me at that level. Very very helpful and very very impressive.

Hannah S. (March 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You email or call, you get an answer, you get no B.S. They're serious bass guys, not some high school stoner wannabe holding down a counter at the local guitar shop. I do well as a jazz/blue URB player because I have great gear, and I have great gear because of Bob and Mark. Peace.

Frank M (April 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your service is by far the best in the bass world, that is why I'm now a 100% Gollihur customer. Same for my students.

Marcos M (February 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I live waaaay out here in Nevada. Your descriptions and comments made my decision making of buying something that I have not seen, or heard, a pretty easy one. The system works quite well, now more people can hear my mistakes. :) I couldn't be happier with my buying experience from you. You provided me with GREAT service and a GREAT product. I'll be back!

Robin S (February 2014)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hello you guys, Again my strings arrived at my home in France in 8 days. With details for changing strings, tips and all, the famous Bass sticker. It's been at least 8 years since I discovered Gollihur Music, you keep supplying upright bass players like me, info we can't get elsewhere. Not only are you guys real professionals, but "Class" pure class. I wish you 8 more generations to come, thanks again and keep sendin the good vibes.

Paul "Pablo" V (bass for "Les Clampins")



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I ordered my strings at lunch time (central time) on Friday, Nov. 15, and to my delight, I received them on Monday, Nov. 18. All the way from New Jersey to San Antonio in three days. Wow! Gollihur Music gave me a fair price too!

A.P. (November 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob & Mark, A VERY LARGE "Thank you!" on my latest order! As others have already said, you folks are #1 on all counts! I ordered my amp on 11/05 at 11:30PM. When I arrived home this evening (11/7), it had already been delivered! Kudos, Gentlemen!

Sam O. (November 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for your fine recommendation & the wonderful service in getting my new strings to me in plenty of time for my weekend gig. Sincerely... A Customer For Life

Jim M (November 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You guys are the most reliable and dependable people I've dealt with in my 40 years in the music bidniss. Thanks yet again!

Curt (November 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Immediate shipping, super high quality item (H-Clamp) that I absolutely haven't encountered anywhere else. I had no idea my pre-war Kay could sound so good. Thank you. Pleasure dealing with you guys

Mike K (October 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png G'day guys (from Australia). Just wanted to say thanks for a great, painless and simple transaction... As an international customer, I have never had such an easy transaction, and I will recommend you guys to everyone I know Again, many thanks and keep up the great work.

Richard C (September 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I don't think I have ever visited any online store of any genre that was as comprehensive and helpful as yours. The greatest online experience ever, and I haven't even received my order yet. Thank you for putting together such wonderful site!

John W. (Sept. 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Firstly, I have always found your website very informative and useful - probably the best on the bass, in all its forms, that I have ever found. Secondly, the specific page on "For Customers Outside the USA" gives the most detailed & helpful information  on the subject of shipping etc. After getting a couple of items shipped from the USA (an Ashbory bass, & mandolin accessories) I have learnt to be careful of various add-on charges that apply when packages reach the UK!

Peter V (September 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you. I am a ham and egg bass player who loves it. Thank you for your help. I purchased an adjustable bridge for my upright. The instructions and advice you offered were invaluable. most places i talked to acted as if "you don't know what you need? Sorry, can't help you." I will shop y'all from now on... Thank you, nice!

Billy A (July 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Super fast shipping, Great service and advice. Couldn't be happier. Wonderful place to do business. Next time I need anything for my URB I know where I'll get it.   

John H. (April 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Shipping out the parts almost immediately after I sent in the order, and I got them just a couple days later. I really appreciate that. I will look to you guys first for all my bass needs from now on. Thank You.

Chris C (March 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Wow!!! Thank you so much for such quick service. My package got delivered before I even got home. I live in Tahoe and was visiting San Francisco for a few days. Wednesday night, I saw some sweet metal strings on a UBASS at a ukulele club meeting in Berkeley. Thursday morning, I visited my favorite music store in Palo Alto. They didn't have the strings but you did and I ordered them from the parking lot. Almost immediately, I received a shipping confirmation. It was so fast, I didn't really believe it and figured I would get them next week sometime. Well, the strings arrived here yesterday and I am stoked to play them today. Big smiles, thank you for maintaining such a high level of service. You really know how to run a business!

William G. (March 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks, folks! This was my first purchase from Gollihur. Prices were right and I appreciated calling & getting a human being right away to confirm stock. Shipping was also faster than expected! Good job.

Justin C (Feb 2013)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Bob, Mark and the excellent team at Golllihur Music. Once again it is a pleasure to have done speedy an economical business with you. The strings are fantastic and... I am extremely happy with the prompt service. Cheers, and until next time,

Shannon B (December 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Good morning, I wanted to write and thank-you for such great service. Please add this to your testimonials section. My order was completed and heading for shipping in two hours. I received it in two days and it came with a hand-written thank-you on the invoice. I also loved the comment during the online payment section, something to the effect of "Please be advise your payment is not yet complete. It will actually be reviewed by a human being". Great company. It felt like shopping at a neighborhood store where the workers know all the customers by name.

Kevin M. (December 2012)


 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I wanted to thank you for the great service I received from your store. I had recently made a purchase for some new strings and pickup system and Mark's advice was spot on and they sound great on my bass. I love the info you provide for your gear and the personal advice you offer on top of it. I will continue to be a loyal customer! Thanks again!

Eddie S (Oct 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Every time I get something from you in the mail, I sit and wonder... HOW IN THE HECK DID IT GET HERE SO FAST??? I never pay for extra shipping and yet... always... only 2-3 days to Honolulu? MAHALO NUI

Jeff V (August 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you Mark for taking my order on Friday Evening after hours and for the prompt delivery. My new amps is more than amazing and I couldn't be happier. We will be sure to send any business your way because of your excellent service.

Jerry N (August 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I want to thank Mark & Chris for all their help in getting my order to me fast end efficiently. Mark was kind enough to field some questions when I called after hours. Chris took my initial order, told me that the item was out of stock but he expected things to be in with-in the week. Sure enough he called me when they arrived. We got the order processed and... bang a Very Happy Customer!! Thanks so much for your great Customer Service. I will be a repeat customer and recommend Gollihur Music to all my Bass Colleagues.

Michael D (August 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you for working with me on the purchase. It is not easy buying an amp without hearing it first and I appreciate the way you guys handle this purchase. Count me in as another happy bass player who shopped at your store.

John M (August 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just wanted to say thanks guys. My gear arrived in perfect condition this morning, much faster than I expected. I received the "Order Shipped" email on the 18th and today is the 24th. Not bad for a journey to the other side of the planet. It is a miserable rainy day here in Sydney, but it feels like my birthday.

Jay F (July 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I’d just like to take this opportunity to express my huge thanks to you for the part you played in easing communications between myself and [the manufacturer]...Your dedication to helping me (long, long after any normal after-sales service obligation had expired) was very much appreciated. Your response was exemplary in every respect, and helps explain why Gollihur Music has such a special place in the heart of the international bass-playing community. Please feel free to quote me on this...

Simon F (May 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to email you guys and tell you how wonderful I think you are. Every time I've called no matter how big or small the question was you've taken time to help me in any way you could. You guys are just AWESOME! Thank you for all your help!

Melba (April 2012)




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png YOU GUYS WERE GREAT WITH THE TECH TALK AND HELPING ME DECIDE WHICH BASS WOULD BE GOOD FOR ME, SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS BUT I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW IT WAS A VERY SMOOTH TRANSACTION IN THE PURCHASE PROCESS, you guys offer great service for someone like me who has been playing bass guitar for 44 years, and now thanks to you I own a electric upright bass. Keep up the good work and love the web site.

Tony C (March 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I want to commend your site on the fastest and most convenient online transaction I've ever had--I still can't believe my bass stand shipped so quickly. Also, your product descriptions are truly helpful, including whether it is even necessary to buy a product (i.e. DampIt). I definitely plan on ordering from your site again.

D.G. (January 2012)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob and Mark Gollihur are the best. Their support is the absolute best. All those newsletters with tips for everything you just bought are always right on the money. I recommend them 200%.

Carlos P (December 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, Just a thank you once again for your great service. Your advice and customer support were invaluable as well as giving me a the perfect deal. Have a great Holiday!

Dave D (November 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Dear Mark and Bob, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your impeccable service! A couple of days ago, I sent you guys an email asking for advice about choosing between two types of strings. Well, Mark replied within what must have been 5 minutes, and he made a recommendation. Today, only 7 working days later, I collected my strings at the local Post Office. I just strung up my bass like 10 minutes ago, and already I am utterly happy with my choice!  I have already recommended you guys to other friends here in South Africa. Your service is UNBEATABLE!! Thank you Thank you! Kindest regards from South Africa.

Dewald F (October 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You guys ARE my upright bass shop, PERIOD!

Pete W (October 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the speedy service on my latest order. I placed the order Wednesday, and had my pickup package in my hands on Friday. It sounds absolutely terrific on my bass (a dramatic improvement over my old one). Your installation instructions were crystal clear and saved time and trouble, and helped my get the system set up and sounding great in no time at all. Thanks again for making this a great experience all round!

Peter R (September 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png After finding your website with a random search on double bass sizes, I kept on reading - and most importantly, *learning* - not only about your products and philosophy of doing business, but many key aspects of playing double bass in general. I was glad to see so many compliments about your shop on the TalkBass forums as well, and I can now say firsthand that they are well deserved. I've enjoyed every phone call I've made, and am grateful for the kind indulgence of the many questions I've had. Gollihur music is exactly what internet commerce should be at its best; Good people, doing good business, truly helping customers get what they *need*, rather than "selling" them whatever one can. It's amazing to think that a mere two weeks after a random search result on the internet, I now have a magnificent NS Design EUB, and you have a loyal customer. It's a glowing testament to the people working there that this is possible. Many thanks, and continued success to you all!

C.C. (August 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark:  I received the new speaker cabinet yesterday, pretty much 24-hours after ordering.  Very nice.  Thank you again for the outstanding customer service.  It's refreshing to do business with a company that puts the customer first, offers great products, and at reasonable prices.

Bob P (July 2011)




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I am very impressed with your fantastic service! All the extra printouts on setting up and mounting the pick up and preamp were very helpful and it was all so very safely packaged. As well as the lower prices and availability, (double bass resources are not always easily accessible in Australia, especially where I live out in the country) I really value and appreciate such great service, and you'll be sure to hear from me again.

Mic T (July 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Everything I have bought from you from amps to pickups and tuners has delivered the results you advertised. You talk the talk and walk the walk. Great job guys!

Terry M. (July 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to comment on your great service. I placed an order for four different items on Monday afternoon, and received the "Your Order at Gollihur Music has Shipped!" e-mail with shipping/tracking information just 13 minutes later. The package arrived at my home in Virginia, via the regular (and cheapest) UPS ground, the next day. Thanks!!

Frank A (June 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just want to thank you for your amazing service. I've not once have had any luck with ordering online especially with instrument parts. I've bought two parts for my bass from you in the past and each item has arrived in my mail in 2 days. And with that I've been able to fix my bass without that horrible wait for replacement parts from other web sites. I appreciate your services so much and your amazing prices compared to other companies. I will always do service with you guys for future bass needs.
Thank you, happy customer...

William H (June 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for the great service with my recent order for EUB strings. The bonus material regarding string changing is very much appreciated. 110% service. Thank you.

David H (June 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Mark, thanks so much for your write up on the bass buggie! The one page write up was VERY helpful and a really nice thing to do. With all your good karma you should be retired in the Cayman Islands with a great gig manned by stupefyingly talented musicians every night!

Tom L (May 2011)




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Bob, Thanks a lot for the bass strings you are a fabulous operator. I cannot say enough nice things about your service to the world......... Regards

Steve C - from Australia (May 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi, thanks for excellent and fast delivery ! Clear product instructions, easy ordering process. Keep up with the excellent service !

Pascal - from Belgium (May 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you for the prompt service. My wife just called that the pickup was delivered this morning. Long live free enterprise and people like you who know how to run a business.

"Jim the happy customer." (April 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png THANK YOU!!! so much for your great services. We truly need more businesses like Gollihur. I will definitely be doing ALL of my business with you guys from now on. Thanks again and stay well...

B.M. (April 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you very much for your prompt response. Your reputation is immense on TalkBass, which is where I found out about you, and will come to you guys first for anything I need. You took excellent care of me with my strings, especially just in the education I received as to the many options available and extremely helpful write ups making it much easier to make a decision. It surprises me how few websites, and even more so the few stringed instrument stores in [my home city], have the amount of information and quality that you guys offer.  Thank you again and I will be in touch in the future...

Jesse W (March 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I am singing praises for Gollihur Music! After taking up the bass this past September, Gollihur has been my "go-to" for all things bass. Your site is incredibly comprehensive. It is written with a humble, clear, educational tone, and this is very much appreciated. As far as ordering goes - i've placed only three. However, every order placed, I am in awe at the speed at which your products travel across the country to my home in San Francisco, California. In a virtual world that is filled with egocentric and impersonal websites, products, and services, it is so nice to feel like i'm walking in to my local music shop every time I type in It's as if someone is saying "welcome, friend. How's the day treating you? I've got an answer to that question you have." Keep up the good work! You haven't seen the last of me. Cheers!

Chris R (March 2011)




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob and Mark, Just a quick note to express my thanks for such great service and product selection. I recently placed an order for some serious upgrades and repairs to the Ye Ole Upright and the folks here had everything needed to get the job done and at a price very competitive! In fact one item was on back order from the manufacturer and Mark offered to send a replacement of very, very little quality difference ( if any) and refund the difference! Not many stores would offer this!! If it was not for the knowledge of upcoming back surgery for me and a couple of local gigs planned I would have waited the extra weeks but I didn't have to ! Thanks again guys ( and future gal ) for all your advice and quick shipping ! If it meets the Bob test then it's more than good enough for me :)

Wayne T (March 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Guys, Just wanted to express my thanks for the new pickup. It arrived a day ahead of schedule, and thanks to your detailed directions, I had it installed and was thumping away in no time. Five stars for customer service. Thanks again!

Robin C (Feb 2011)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark & Bob, Thanks so much for the excellent service! Gollihur Music sets the standard for the industry. Have a wonderful Christmas season.

Mike S (December 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I was very pleased with the ease in ordering, but more so with the immediate response. The bass stand arrived a few days after I had ordered it. My son was most pleased. The product was more than he had expected. Thank you for a good product and such a quick response to my order. It couldn't have been easier. Many thanks.

A.M. (Nov 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Wow! Wow! Wow! I hung up the phone at 4:20pm East Coast time; your shipment arrived at my West Coast address at 11:05am West Coast time. That's coast to coast shipping in less than 24 hours! On a customer satisfaction scale of 0 to 10, I'm at 11! I am delighted. Thank you Mark!

Howie W (Sept 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob, thanks so much for the speedy service and the expert opinions about my bass problems. I had an email saying my order had been shipped within 10 minutes of speaking with you, and it arrived in two days. You must have a postal jet on call! Thanks again for the advice and service!

Gary W. (Sept 2010)




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to drop you guys a line to say thank you! you run a very informative website that has helped me tremendously in my quest to add the upright to my bass arsenal... also every order i have placed with you has been at my doorstep in 3 days. Thank you so much for the informative website, and the great customer service!!

John P (Sept 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Not only do you have a great selection of products, the customer service makes me feel like I grew up with you guys. Guess thats what makes you guys the best. thanks again.   

Willis D (June 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that this website is really great. It is great to see a website that is specifically dedicated to upright bass. I am a rockabilly bassist as well as a concert bassist and I have found this website very helpful. The attention to detail and the obvious amount of time taken to create a better and more friendly customer experience. The buying guides are great because they are unbiased and do not suggest that I need something just to sell something to me... This is a really great website...

Zander G (Feb 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I had not ordered from your business before and am so impressed with how the order was processed and received. I barely walked back from the fax machine when I received your confirmation and shipping track #. I received the order today, less than a week from when I ordered -- and it would have been here Friday if not for a snow storm delay. Thank you and congratulations.

Diane R (Feb 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I am very happy! Thanks to the informative tip sheet that you sent at the time of the order, I was prepared enough to "plug and play". Unbelievable sound for my upright! Worth every penny! I appreciate your efforts to supply detailed information and to make available the stuff we bass players need. It's a lesson in how to create a loyal customer.

Chuck W (Feb 2010)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Bob - Just a note to say thank you for your great service, Dealing with you is like dealing with an old friend. You are very patient with me and my lack of knowledge when I order my parts. I will be contacting you in the near future for more parts and info... Thank You again

Ben R (12/2009)




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob and Mark, Thanks again for your quick and dependable service! This is at least the third time I have needed something last-minute-ish and you have saved my butt each time. I do refer my friends to you, hopefully your Chicago business is growing. Happy holidays and best wishes (PS: My bass DOES sound great!)

Curt B (12/2009)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Placed my first order with you guys, received everything quickly and at half the price of local suppliers (I live in Australia) was actually easier than finding the time to drive across town for strings, thanks

Mark M (12/2009)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Bob and Mark, Thanks so much! My amp arrived at my front door exactly one week after I ordered it. I live in Australia! Strangely enough it was as I was about to get my amp out for a band rehearsal! Of course I tried the new one. FANTASTIC! It sounds great. Can't wait to try it on a gig with the double bass but, as you said on the phone Mark, it just sounds like my double bass only louder. Thanks for your brilliant service. I shall certainly be shopping with you again! Warm regards

Sue P (12/2009)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob and Mark, I knew you guys were efficient but this is ridiculous. I ordered a bow at 2:20 today. I recieved a shipping acknowledgement and tracking number at 2:40 !!!! LOL it is now 2:55. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Best Regards...

Mike Burk (11/2009)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png My dear gentlemen, GOD BLESS YOU for the good things you do. I am so pleased to have found a business that is motivated by more than the almighty dollar! Of course you are in business to make money, but it is not your most important criterion. Please accept my most sincere respect and warm wishes. Maybe some day I will be good enough on bass to scrap my cheap student bass and buy something REAL from you. Having tone would be a wonderful experience. Again, I thank all of you for showing me there are still honest, good people in the world.

Gil Mosko (Oct 09)



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just got my new strings today. That sure was fast. I honestly didn't expect them to show up so soon. Once again it is a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks!!!

Marvin B




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob & Mark: So glad we discovered you! Your prices, shipping rates, and policies are right on, and we truly appreciate the personal service and attention. I've been ordering for my partner, who has already referred a student to your website. Thanks for everything, and keep up the excellent work! peace,

Bett B



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank You Bob and Mark! Once again you have the best bang for the buck! Thanks for the great products and great service. Now if only the auto industry could follow your business model...

Colin D



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Mark!  Thanks for your answer(s) to my questions.  Your responses make perfect sense.
You guys are remarkable and have a wonderful web site.  I learned more on your site that any other place I had looked. I greatly appreciate your information sharing.

Russ K



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I prefer to order through you than other places.  I have had very good service on my orders.  The product write-ups on your website are really great and are valuable beyond just the manufacturer's descriptions.

Jim F



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks very much for your help and I'll have no hesitation continuing to use the fine service you and Bob provide, which I consider to be the best in the business.

Ralph J



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob, Please don't apologize for sending the newsletter. I actually like hearing from you and reading something that seems to be written by a human being who happens to understand the quest for good sound. You guys have been helpful even when I stated that I wasn't buying from you and stayed on the phone with me after hours explaining impedance mismatch. Keep up the good work.

Thomas L



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I received on Wednesday the bow and pickup that I ordered on Monday.  Wow!  I have talked to you both over the phone and you were extremely helpful, courteous and seemed generally interested in answering my questions – all without trying to sell me anything!  I have placed one or two orders with you before, and have always been impressed with the service, availability of stock and speed of delivery.  I’m always searching for the “Best Deal” and you’re prices are always competitive.  However, it is clear that the “Best Deal” is buying from Gollihur Music.  The products are great.  The service is great – information sheets were included for each of the components purchased.  Fantastic!  You are now my “go to” guys for all my future purchases of new items.  It is so refreshing to ask a question and get a straight answer.

Mike S.



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey Bob and Mark! Thank you for the order, the information, and a great experience!! The tutorial on changing bass strings helped so much! That's the little detail that made me want to always come back to you! Where can I send a picture of the nation of BASS sticker on my car? It's a nice picture with springtime in Georgia in the background.

Adam B



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, Thanks for a speedy and positive response to a minor issue I contacted you about that needed attention regarding a recent purchase. I received your package today and it was above and beyond what I expected. This was my first experience with Gollihur Music but certainly not my last. Best prices, best service, speedy shipping, great customer service. I'll certainly spread the word!

Chuck N



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Holy cow, gents!  That's some fast action and very much appreciated.  I just received and installed the strings and pickup ordered yesterday.  I can tell I'm going to really love those strings.  This is just a note of appreciation - your website/store is my double bass "go to" site now for wants/needs and information.  Also, the instructional help you send along with purchases is really helpful.  Thanks!!

David C



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the prompt service, and product selection. I also like the fact that when I call I can talk to a real bass player. Thanks

john wynn



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Whenever I order from you guys, I feel like Wile E. Coyote on those old Road Runner cartoons.  He goes to a phone, orders something, taps his foot a couple of times and a few seconds later an ACME moving truck shows up with whatever he ordered.   I ordered something at 1:29 PM and it was shipped at 1:54 PM.  What took you so long?!? Thanks!

Mark P.



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png The information on your site and your entries on blogs and groups are always helpful. I play double bass and try to be involved in multiple genres of music. I only have one bass and often amp it arco and pizz. Thanks for all the tips and wisdom!

Patrick Flynn



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hey, What are you kidding me? I bought this pickup on Friday the 14th and it arrives on Monday the 17th. Great job. How the heck did you get it here so fast through USPS? East to West coast. Did one of your hired help fly out to deliver it? Thanks, We'll do biz again.

Tim M.



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi Bob, I ordered my pickup on Friday, and it was waiting on my doorstep Monday afternoon. Just want to say thanks for yet another great product with great service and helpful advice! You never dissapoint.

Elliot L.



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob If I didnt know better I would think you had a shop here in my home town. I ordered a set of strings on Friday last week with regular shipping, and on Monday they were in my Mail box. I wasnt expecting them until later this week. You and you people are wonderful. thanks!

Bruce M



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png WOW!!!!! I placed my order on 9/15 and got it 9/16!!! Keep up the good service, it is really super.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png My order -a set of strings a string winder- arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with them... But I'm even more impressed by your top notch service: I placed my order on Sunday evening and it arrived Wednesday! Furthermore, the information you provide about the products you sell is incredibly helpful in making an informed choice. You don't just regurgitate the hyped-up up fluff that the manufacture provides; You pass along information gleaned from actually using the stuff, which is invaluable.  Thank you once again for providing great products and information and superb service.

Ted L



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Wow. To say that I'm impressed with your service would be an understatement. I was amazed at the efficiency of your online ordering and shipping. Monday morning I placed an order and within an hour, I had a tracking number showing that it would be here Wednesday afternoon. And it was. Thanks so much for the great products, information and service. Hope you have continued success with your website & shop.

Dean M



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Mark, Thank you so much for your kind and knowledgeable answers to all of my questions. In a world of computer-voice phone menus, virtual marketplaces, and automated check-out, a merchant that actually talks to their customers - and clearly enjoys it -- earns my loyalty and word-of-mouth. Thank you for an exceptional buying experience.

Brad K



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.pngWithout a doubt, your company has the absolute best customer service in the music industry. As an electric bass player who has entered the world of upright bass, I have found a "black hole" when it comes to information and product relating to the upright bass. Sure, some of the mass-musical-merchandizers stock upright bases and some accessories, but you quickly find out how little their sales people know (and I'm sure care) about the instrument. This is where Gollihur Music excels! Your prices are great, your stock is incredible, and the advice is GOLDEN (thank you very much, Mark)! I just purchased a NS Designs Boomerang Strap for my WAV 4 bass. It was in stock, priced right, and it will ship today! Try that anywhere else. I have purchased pickups, a clip-on tuner, strings, rosin, etc. from Gollihur Music, and every purchase has been a positive, learning experience. If you are new to the upright bass, or have been playing for decades, you owe it to yourself to try Gollihur!

Lawrence G



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Guys although I received this order almost two months ago I wanted to pop back over and complement you and tell you what a great experience it was shopping with you. The item arrived from NJ within 3 working days to OR, I was blown away! Every step of the way the auto generated emails were on the mark and informative. I wish every one I purchased gear for my studio from was as reliable and professional as your company is. I'm not a stand up bass player but anything you have in stock that I need forthwith I will purchase from you. I wish their was a place online I could leave feedback! Great Job Bob and Mark!   


Dino R


 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I just wanted to thank Bob for his excellent advice on improving the amplified sound of my son's acoustic bass. Bob carefully evaluated my concerns and my son's current equipment and recommended an outstanding (and quite affordable) solution. The sound is great and I spent far less than anticipated on this xmas gift. We really appreciate the expert advice and great service provided.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png #1- You are the ONLY person on the WORLD that has e-mailed me back within minutes. I can't get an answer that quick by sticking my head out the window and yelling.
#2- All the help was OUTSTANDING! I'm glad someone still helps goofy people, of which I am one.
#3- The bag is SUPER! I still can't believe it. And it got here so fast! WOW!
#4- From now on I will deal exclusively with you and try and forget there are other shops out there. Duh- forgetting, forgetting--
        Thanks loads Mark. You were a really big help... You have gained an ally and a loyal customer.

Lewis M



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thank you my friend. You have helped me a great deal in my decision making.It is good to know there are some out there who still believe in mentoring and customer service.
Thanks again

Bill H



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Just want to say I was really happy with your service. I ordered last Monday, it was shipped last Tuesday, and arrived here in Australia a week later, all for cheaper than the local stores could do for me. Thanks - if only all online transactions were this easy!

Sarah C



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your brand of high touch customer service is rare and welcome.  I have bought gear from dozens of vendors and your communication and service rivals them all.  Thank you again.  I believe you now have a customer for life.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png My shipment arrived in good shape yesterday. Everything is correct and as advertised. You guys really do a great job and I appreciate your websites and service. Out here in the boonies, it's hard to find good products or information, so keep up the good work!

Richard B



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png ALL HAIL GOLLIHUR! Im just starting out as an URB player (been playing bass guitar for 10 years), and I have been next to clueless on where to begin. Luckily, I got a good deal on a bass from my high school, and when Ive needed info, Ive always checked out your website. It has been, and continues to be, a wonderful resource for upright bass players everywhere. Thank you for doing what you do!

Dustin R



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Very prompt service, helpful with questions, have received products that exceeded my expectations, and excellent price points. I may just have to get a "Gollihur Music Bass" tattoo.   




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I'm actually shocked at the response time thru the email. Most companies it takes a three day turnaround to get a question answered. Thanks to Bob for helping me get the right equipment I need sooner!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I'm outfitting my "old" bass for plugged-in slap stuff.  I wish I'd have checked out your site for my pickup before paying more from another dealer!  I've bought several things from you since; fast delivery, low price and informative site.  Who could want more?




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Bob, your site is the best on the net. I appreciate your hands on reviews of the equipment you offer, and the reviews of your satisfied customers. Together they make purchasing decisions much easier. Thanks,




From my first purchase, you were like dealing with an old friend! Thanks again, Bob!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png While this is my first purchase, I have had correspondence with Bob in the past. Very helpful and it felt like I was speaking with a friend. I get the same feeling with the descriptions of products on the site. It doesn't feel like someone's trying to sell me something - more like an easy education and showing me my options. You guys are now the only place I trust for my upright needs.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I want to thank you for the fast shipping on my order. I placed my order on August 20th in the afternoon and received and email about the status from UPS later that day. I got the package yesterday (August 22nd). I thought when I placed the order, I might get everything by Friday. Usually, when I order things and want them quickly, I have to place the order before noon and pay extra for overnight shipping. Your standard service and shipping is faster than most people's overnite shipping. Thanks again for the much faster than expected service.   

John D



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I have been playing for many years but only recently have become an upright convert. I am also a recording engineer, which compounds the quest for good sound. I have found you site to be a great help not only for product choice but most importantly information. Thanks very much for the service. I'm turning all my friends on to Gollihur Music. Recently a good friend just purchased a pickup/mic system and is very pleased. I look forward to doing more commerce in the future.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You've really got a great site here. I've always liked your good advice, it is so much more informative than the "customer reviews" that other sites like to use. I came in to the site today to see what you had in stands. But you've got so much stuff on your site now, I'm going to need to come back & spend a few hours soaking up the good stuff. Thanks Bob & tell your Web page developer he's doing a great job.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You know, I placed an order with **** ******* last week- they're 50 miles from me- and it took them FOUR DAYS to get around to shipping it! (You shipped on the same day I ordered.) And that's why I keep coming back.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I was talking to the bass professor while i was at UNC Pembroke last weekend teaching some film scoring seminars and YOUR name came up as we stood in the parking lot of the local outback restaurant and noticed your bumper sticker on our cars!!! anyway, if your ears were burning last saturday night it was cause two musicians stood around singing your praises for about a half an hour, forty five minutes to any and all in ear shot!

John S



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I like that you have hands-on experience with every piece of gear you sell.  It's very refreshing to see this kind of mom and pop hardware store approach to selling double bass gear.  Your suggestions and tips have been an asset to me and my bands over the years.  Thanks for making me look (and sound) so good.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your website & e-commerce transactions offer more personalized service and a more intimate sense of comfort than most human retailers!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png This site is ALWAYS the first choice for everything I need for upright bass. My first order I called and left a message for Bob, he called me back promptly and answered all my questions regarding bass bridge replacement so, I bought his adjustable bridge and set it up as well as pro. I appreciate that I see Bob on message boards and blog sites lending his opinion and insight into all things BASS. What he has provided for bassists of all levels is nothing short of amazing, philanthropic and innovative. This IS the "one stop" bassists need, truly. Thanks...




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I consider this a first choice, first source for all Upright Bass purchases and information.  I have had questions, and receive quick, personal replies from Bob!  This is a great resource.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your site is a masterful resource for the internet savvy bassist. A "must-have" and a top destination. ALL HAIL!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Anyone just getting acquainted with upright bass that wants to do it right the first time should visit your site, and trust the information. You saved me a great deal of time and money. P.S. Thanks for the ultra fast shipping!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png As far as your service, I feel more comfortable ordering from you on line than most 'large' companies. Besides the no hassle, and prompt delivery, I am always interested in knowing what you yourself think about a particular product. I have found to trust your judgment and find your evaluations are often similar to mine.



  quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Terrific web site! Lots of information and real-world first-hand opinions, which are very valuable rather than just the manufacturers' blurbs. Excellent photos show practical details. Quick response to e-mail enquiries and no sales pressure to buy. Great resource for those of us not close to bass stores.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Your website is awesome, Bob and Mark are extremely helpful, all my questions get answered very promptly, and it is a pleasure doing business with you! Thanks a lot for everything!!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Hi again Bob, wow what a service!! Placed my order on Thurs from the UK, received it Tues morning after a Bank Holiday weekend as well, incredible! You could certainly teach some British companies a thing or two! Great to do business with someone who is also a musician with such passion. Still viewing your site with great interest, many thanks again for such a fast delivery, John. I will keep in touch from time to time (your acoustic amps look very tempting).




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I wanted to thank you for your prompt response!  Your reputation (I hang out on Talkbass, and no one has a bad thing to say about you) is truly deserved.  I appreciate the rapid shipping greatly; I was worried I wouldn't have enough time to break the strings in, and my fears in that area are put to rest.  Rest assured that you will receive a lot more of my business.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for your very prompt service and terrific products. The bass bag is excellent and has exceeded expectations. All the other goodies we have bought from you are great quality and very well priced, even with shipping from the USA. Thanks also for all the information you have shared with me pre-purchase and through your website. There are many who keep this kind of information secret and few who can be bothered to share their experience and knowledge to the extent that you guys do through your webpages. That fact that you are both bass players and obviously love your music also shines through everything you do. All strength to you and all the best for the future.

Tony Z.



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I continue to be very satisfied with the ease of purchase, quality of the products and most importantly the guidance given in order to help in selecting the right product.  Thank you




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png The treatment I got from you guys puts all those mega-huge etailers to shame.  Great, timely responses on my emailed questions, and once I finally placed my order you got it out to me at lightning speed.

Dan B



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png It is simply great: cheap, fast in delivery, and personal, with 'his master's voice' in the purchase tips.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I'm a new customer.  I found your web site using a search engine and was impressed by the amount of good info you provide.
I ordered strings based on your recommendations and am very pleased with the choice.  I like experimenting and tweaking the instrument frequently.  Your tips and info on tuning, care and so forth are great.  The strings were impressive.  I'm glad I stumbled on your web site. Also, I got my order in 2 days.  That was nice.  I'll definitely be doing more business with you folks in the future.  Thanks.

David A



 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Thanks for your expanded "editorials" on your site regarding all your products, string changing tips, etc.  This is much more helpful than the average "catalog," which typically reproduces only minimal product information from the manufacturer or distributor.




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png Excellent website!  It feels good to purchase from someone experienced with the products who can personally endorse them, and who takes the time to provide all the information you could ask for!  I found out about your website through fellow bluegrassers, and my husband (he's the bass player, I play mandolin) absolutely loves the bass bag and bow I purchased from you.  He's getting a new fingerboard for his birthday!  If only I could find a site like this for mandolin...




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png As a frequent online shopper, I must say that your website has provided me with the smoothest and easiest online shopping experience. Thanks for putting your customers first!


Nicholas M


 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png This is the best internet shop for double bass players as far as I know. Prices are low, service and information is great and the site is easy to navigate through. Hope it stays this way - and I will always come back when I need anything for my double bass!




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png You really do go all out to help musicians with gear and information, I have nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for you and your company- God bless & take care




 quoteleft.pngquoteright.png I love this site!  Plenty of real world advice, like having a few beers with a bass professional and getting all the good, underground tips!