String Accessories

  • Gollihur Music

    Gut String Oil Kit for Maintaining Gut Strings

    A lot of players love the soft feel and organic sweetness of natural gut strings. They are easy on the hands and provide “the sound” for bluegrass and old-school jazz, among other styles.On the downside, gut strings do require a little...

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  • Hipshot

    Hipshot FreeRange Xtender - Upright Bass String Drop-tuner

    Wickedly Clever!Hipshot originally made their name creating innovative replacement de-tuning keys for electric bass and guitar. They're now a premier manufacturer of those, as well as excellent "standard" tuning machines and other useful hardware...

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  • D Addario

    TurboTune musical instrument string winder

    SAVE THE HANDS!! We've been rocking the TurboTune string winder for almost 20 years. It's been through several licensees, and was even made independently by the patent-holder for a while. Now the production and distribution has been picked up by a new,...

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  • Super-Sensitive

    Wolf Tone Eliminator for Double Bass

    You've probably heard the term "wolf tone" from your bassist or other stringed instrument friends. It's a commonly misunderstood concept, but not a rarity on bowed stringed instruments (and is particularly common with carved instruments). There are...

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