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Tailpiece Mounting Hardware for 1/4" Pickup Jack

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  • Plastic hardware for attaching a 1/4" inline output jack to an upright bass tailpiece
  • Plastic hardware for attaching a 1/4" inline output jack to an upright bass tailpiece - front view, installed on tailpiece
  • Plastic hardware for attaching a 1/4" inline output jack to an upright bass tailpiece - rear view, installed on tailpiece
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David Gage includes a plastic loop mount to mount the output jack of their Realist pickups to the tailpiece. Their solution is to fully remove the E string from the bass, thread the string through the loop, and allow the ball end of the string to hold the jack loop in place.

Years ago, we had a ton of folks asking us for a better means of mounting the jack. They -- understandably -- didn't want to have to go through the hassle of removing the string, but they also didn't want to sacrifice having a confident, secure way to install and access the jack. So we got on it, and this is what we came up with.

Not only do we now include this kit for free with every Realist, Realist Lifeline, and Krivo pickup we sell, but in working with KNA during the development of their DB-1 pickup, they asked us about jack mount options and we clued them in to our solution. And that's what is included with the KNA pickups now.

Every once in a while, we get asked if we sell these kits - until now, I've demurred. But the requests keep coming, so here it is.

You get a four piece hardware kit, which includes:

  • Nylon Jack Mount Loop
  • Nylon Mounting Bolt, with washer and nut
  • Instructions

The mount is black, making it very indiscreet - particularly on an ebony/ebonized tailpiece. And it weighs less than a gram - it wouldn't even activate our digital scale - so it's ultra light weight. Very easy to install, with no tools required.

We offer a TWO PACK at a reduced price, as some folks find it much more secure to use two mounting kits to secure both ends of the output jack. Or, if you just want a spare...

Note: The nylon loop that we include works with average-sized inline 1/4" jacks; the molded plastic jacks on the Realist pickups are larger in diameter, and our loop will be too small to fit the Realist jack. However, the Realist pickups each come with two of the larger sized loops (those are the ones they suggest that you feed the string through) so you'll use that loop instead, with the other parts in this kit, to mount your Realist jack.


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2 Reviews

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    Simple, effective, cheap

    Posted by James on Sep 17th 2021

    Could I have sourced these items from the hardware store to make my own? Probably yes... But Mark and the gang went through the trouble to find the sizes I'd need.... and now I don't need to buy a whole bagful of each of the components to just make one for my only bass. So, especially as an add-on... so I don't have to pay shipping... this is a worthwhile spend...

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    Too small

    Posted by Derek on Sep 17th 2021

    The nylon loop is too small for the Realist Lifeline jack. Note from Gollihur Music: Hi Derek, yes... this is true - when used with the Realist, you use the nylon loop that is included - in duplicate - with your pickup. See the product description for more detail.

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