Ebony Upright Bass Tailpieces (4-string, 5-string, Compensated)

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  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, 4-string tulip style
  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, 5-string tulip style
  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, 4-string compensated style
  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, back detail
  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, fret detail
  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, back of compensated model
  • Ebony Upright Bass Tailpiece, three models in one photo
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We've added some new options to our beautiful ebony tailpieces, which have always been a worthy upgrade or replacement for any upright bass. They have a uniform black color and are finished and ready for installation; no sanding or staining is required.

They have pre-drilled, vertically oriented tailgut mounting holes, with a cavity on the back surface, allowing you to use virtually any conventional rear-mounted tailpiece cable you choose - any of our many tailgut options will work, from a nylon or stranded steel tailgut, to the more advanced adjustable steel option. Please see the related items (below) for several tailpiece cable options.

The standard four-string model is a very conventional "Tulip" design and should complement any 3/4 size upright bass. We also offer a 5-string model, which is almost identical in design, but is a bit wider to accommodate the extra string. And the beautiful compensated model has different afterlengths for each string, which some players believe can improve low-end response and overtone response. That's all well and good, but you also can't deny that its asymmetrical design is quite attractive.

All models have a traditional design and finish and will look lovely on most any bass. They are sized to fit 3/4 size basses (see sizing below) but may be suitable on some other sized basses as well. The wood, which comes from India, is properly dried and aged to ensure that it will not warp or split.


  • 4-string - 13.5 in / 34.25cm
  • 5-string - 13.875 in / 35.25cm
  • Compensated - 13.875 in / 35.25cm

Width (Top Edge)

  • 4-string - 4 in / 10.1cm
  • 5-string - 4.375 in / 11.1cm
  • Compensated - 4 in / 10.1cm

Note that weights can vary slightly from tailpiece to tailpiece. Representative tailpieces weighed in as follows:

  • 4-string - 11.1 oz / 314.6 grams
  • 5-string - 13.2 oz / 374.2 grams
  • Compensated - 9.9 oz / 280.6 grams  
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4 Reviews

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    4-string Ebony Tailpiece and wire tailgut

    Posted by Neil Helme on Apr 10th 2022

    A mere 2 songs into a bluegrass set, the single strand tailgut on my 3/4 bass broke after more than 40 years of service, so I became a percussion player for the rest of the gig. Not my finest hour. When I got home that night I went straight to my laptop to see who would sell me some quality tailgut. After looking at the specs, I realized that the original tailpiece (Otto Infeld System, metal composite) would not be compatible with any multi-strand wire on the market, so the ebony tailpiece upgrade I had been thinking about for quite some time became a necessity. Mark Gollihur had the goods, so I ordered the standard 4-string tailpiece and adjustable stranded steel cable first thing the next morning. It shipped same day, and arrived almost immediately (ty, USPS!) Simple repair and significant upgrade! Thanks for the great service! I hope to visit the shop next time I'm on the road to Baltimore! I'd love to test drive an "Ed" while I'm there!!

  • 5

    Compensated Tailpiece

    Posted by Richard Bruns on May 6th 2021

    A high-quality tailpiece, very well made. I kind of thought the compensated tailpiece concept was snake oil but I liked the look. I’m very pleasantly surprised- to my ear (and others) it seems to have made my bass more resonate and project more, both pizz and arco. Extremely fast free shipping. I couldn’t be happier, thank you!

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    4 string compensated ebony tailpiece

    Posted by Tim Darby on Jan 19th 2021

    High quality well made tailpiece. Looks great on my bass and has improved the overall resonance.

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    Very good quality

    Posted by Gidon T on Jan 26th 2012

    Dear Mark and Bob, I just came back from my luthier after installing a CF endpin and an ebony tailpiece I bought from your store. My luthier said these items are very good quality, and this is from an old school master luthier... I just wish to thank you again, my bass sounds amazing and I love the endpin very much. You guys are top notch from order to luthier. Thank you very very much.

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