DB-1 Wood-Encased Upright Bass Pickup for Bridge Wing

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  • DB-1 Wood-Encased Upright Bass Pickup for Bridge Wing, 1/4 and transducer
  • DB-1 Wood-Encased Upright Bass Pickup for Bridge Wing, installation instructions
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Quick Guide for DB-1 Pickup from KNALike many other upright bass pickups, the DB-1 is a compact unit designed to be wedged into the wing in the side of your bridge. Most of those pickups require that you custom-fit the pickup into the slot, using sanding/filing to open up that slot for optimal fitment. There's nothing inherently wrong with that approach; there's no effect on the bass tone or volume, etc. There are also pickups that are made of a material that allows you to instead shape the pickup to fit, which is also a good alternative.

But if you're really concerned about making destructive changes of any kind, this new (May 2016) pickup option from KNA is going to make you smile.

The vibration-sensing transducer is encased in a tonewood housing that is very thin (.085 in thick) -- and the pickup includes several tonewood shims which you can use to provide just the right level of pressure on the element. This flexible mounting option allows you to experiment with various levels of pressure and placement - non-destructively - as well as switch the pickup between several basses as often as you wish.

Now, granted - bridges are not uniform, and some may require slight alterations to accommodate any pickup properly. Flat, even contact is key to get the best sound, and if your bridge wing is particularly "curvy" you may still wish to provide a flatter surface. I use a file or piece of sandpaper wrapped around a slim slice of wood to fit pickups to the wing. But on most bridges, this very well may not be necessary.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe DB-1 is crafted in the European Union by KNA, and the pickup was created with the help of my own input and insight; I tested several prototypes for them and made lots of suggestions while it was being developed. You'll find that it even includes a jack mount arrangement almost identical to the way we mount the jacks for Ehrlund and David Gage pickups we sell. 

The manufacturer suggests mounting in the "G" string side of the bridge, but I certainly encourage you to try in both sides to see what you prefer; every bass is different! This pickup is often compared to the Revolution Solo (RS1 and RS2) as well as Underwood. KNA is aka Kremona, who made our Bulgarian carved bass.


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22 Reviews

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    Posted by John Arbo on May 2nd 2024

    Had an Underwood on my plywood for years but needed to put it on another bass. Bought this on Mark's recommendation. Did not sound good (on this bass at least) on the G side. Put it on the E side and it sounded swell. Reported this to Mark and he does/did have trying both sides in his blurb. Great value, but I thought since it was wing-mounted, not too near the strings, that it would be a bit warmer with the bow - though this bass has Rope cores on it (except a Spiro Extended E) which somewhat atypically have stayed bright in the several years I've had them on. I also reported to Mark that I did hear a slight difference depending on which side I put the shim on. It's on the leg side of the bridge.

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    Posted by Robert Sabin on Oct 22nd 2023

    I bought this for a second bass or as a spare pickup. It has three things going for it - 1) it sounds great (with placement on the E side and some eq tweaking). Very responsive and natural sound; 2) Its not expensive - makes it a no brainer for someone on a budget; 3) It fits…more or less. Unlike some other bridge wing pickups it won’t require filing down the bridge and with the supplied shims should be snug. However, the one draw back is the shims are a bit thick, so you might find yourself in a situation where it’s to loose but can’t exactly fit in another shim. You may have to be creative to get the proper fit. Still, highly recommended.

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    DB-1 bass pickup

    Posted by richard heyman on Aug 25th 2023

    This thing is actually amazing for the money. Easily installed, and sounds terrific right out of the box, on my grandson's 1/4 size bass. We just used folded sandpaper to widen the space between the bridge wing parts. Thru a Rumble 40, excellent tone with neutral EQ/plus a little bass. I'm a 50-year player, have used the K&K + Gage pickups, and this thing is almost comparable! Made durably, looking forward to long use.

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    KNA DB-1 Pickup

    Posted by Dave on May 16th 2023

    After reading all of the positive comments here, I decided to order this pickup from Mark. It arrived quickly and using Mark's supplied instructions, I was able to install it in five minutes. This is my first upright bass pickup so I can't compare it to other products. My bass is a second-hand Czech-made plywood student bass and it sounds great directly through my Traynor SB106 amp with all the controls set flat. I'll experiment with the EQ, but right off the bat I'm very happy with this purchase!

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    KNA Bridgewing Pickup DB 1

    Posted by James Dunn on Apr 26th 2023

    Bought 2 of these to put on my Yamaha Electric Upright Basses, That both had a very Mid Heavy tone from the Internal Pickups. I also put Krivo Magnetic Pickups from Gollihur on these basses. Using blending preamps purchased here as well, the LR bags belt dual preamp. Finally I've got the tone I was looking for. These Bridge wing pickups give me the thump and Attack. The magnetic gives me the Deep giant P Bass sound. Blend the 2 and get the EQ curve correct and you got it. I shop here for all my Upright Bass needs.

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