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GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the new SERIES 2 versions of ALL our popular and innovative BASS ARRAY® compact cabinet designs. Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of the original BA cabinets, the new SERIES 2 builds upon all the past benefits of this one-of-a-kind bass cabinet design, and now features ALL NEW premium Italian-designed Neodymium loudspeakers.






With these new enhancements the BASS ARRAY SERIES 2 models continue to deliver the dynamic NEXT GENERATION of these remarkable and innovative bass cabinets.


Wow, these Bass Array cabinets are really something special.

You may have heard of some other companies using line-array technology to create a wide soundstage in a portable, column format. Many people swear by those rigs, including upright bassists, as they have a unique delivery of sound that is appealing. However, the most well-known brand's "column" systems use digital signal processing to "correct" the sound, so it doesn't get all out of whack; a bunch of small drivers in a tall, skinny array (with a separate subwoofer) can create acoustical problems that must be solved electronically. It's why you have to use their proprietary preamp/amp/mixer module together with their speakers, rather than being able to use the speakers alone with your other equipment. Which is all well and good, but if you like to mix and match - well, with that manufacturer's gear you might be out of luck.

But these Genzler cabinets take that line array technology to a more real-world place -- these speakers are carefully designed and integrated together to take advantage of the benefits of line-array design, but without the artifacts that requires DSP to "fix." Put simply, the more compact line array does the good stuff, without the bad stuff. What you get is a full-sounding low end from the main woofer, and clarity and transparency no matter where you're standing in front of the amp. Walk around in front of the speaker, and your sound doesn't get all wonky. And it's all in one cabinet, not a series of two or three with separate subwoofers. And if you already have an amp head you adore, you don't need to ditch it for something that is "compatible" with these speakers - if the power specs match up (we can help you with that) then just get the cab and keep using your favorite amp.

Genzler Amplification is using genuine, premium neodymium drivers for the woofers AND the cone drivers -- and top-shelf components result in top-shelf sound, yeah? The arrangement of the speakers has been carefully designed to avoid inconsistencies; in the single woofer cabs, the main woofer sits directly behind the four mid/high cone drivers, which are loaded into a sealed line array stack. The combination is provides the wide, clear soundstage without the artifacts that can sometimes occur with multi-driver setups.

The Bass Array 12-3 is available in both a "straight front" and "slant front" design. The BA12-3 SLT model utilizes a 6-degree slanted baffle providing increased projection towards the player and the audience.

Covered in heavy-duty textured black vinyl and protected by black metal corners and a custom metal grille, this cabinet is good-looking, and gig-worthy, and ready to provide years of reliable service. And at 19 (1x10), 34 (1x12), 32 (1x12 slant), 38 (2x10) or 55 (4x10) pounds, it's not ridiculous to carry, either.

Any of these speakers pair exceptionally well with the Genzler Magellan amps; the 1x10 works well with - and is even available as a combo with - the smaller Magellan 350, and the bigger Magellan 800 amp will easily push one or two of any of the cabinets at the same time.

When we had Jeff in the shop, we were amazed by the clarity, transparency, and full-bodied tone of all of the cabs. But the real difference between these and other "high-end" bass cabs (and there are plenty of those out there) is the effect that the array has on the sound delivery. You really do hear a difference in how "wide" the sound dispersion is. You don't have "hotspots" like you normally get with traditional cabinets, just a smooth, consistent sound across the entire width of the stage. This is really effective (and helpful) with upright bass, which really benefits from getting the full spectrum of sound out there evenly.

The 110 is the best for the ultimate compact rig. As for the larger cabs, we felt that the 112 was a little "throatier" in its low mids, which actually suited upright quite well - but the 210 had a bit more refinement down low, and a bit more clarity up top. These were subtle changes, though, and all of the cabinets sound amazing with either upright OR electric basses.

The 4x10 is a real beast, soundwise. It's got amazing low end - it'll rattle the fillings in your teeth without breaking a sweat - and its efficiency of 103dB means you're really maximizing the wattage of the amp to get potential for real earth-shaking volume if you need it. Certainly, a pretty powerful amplifier really draws the best performance out of this cab, but even at lower volumes, it just sounds so sweet. And with a 6-speaker sealed driver array, the width of the soundfield, like the other Bass Array cabs, is just stunning - the sound just fills the stage beautifully. And yet the cabinet is surprisingly portable, weighing in at only 55 lbs and being only 18 inches deep.

More on the Series 2 Cabinets

We got wind of the original 1x10 combo and cabinet (and the Magellan 350 head) in the fall of 2016; Jeff made another visit to the shop to show us a couple of the prototypes and try them out with upright bass. We were blown away, and wanted to blab to everyone - but were sworn to secrecy at that time. Since then, it's been a very popular addition to our lineup.
Now the drivers have been updated in the new Series 2 versions of ALL the cabs, and they have even better sound and performance - AND have each lost several pounds of weight, due to lighter neodymium magnets! It's a win/win situation.

The output is -- to be blunt -- ridiculous for a cabinet of this size. Excellent efficiency, great bass response, and a wide soundstage all conspire to make this what could be a new "best" amp for people who need a rig that can do both upright and electric. With a smart angled-up orientation, it gets the sound where it needs to go, and sounds fab. And it's so light and easy to manage! There should even be a carry-case option offered eventually, for the combo and/or speaker.

Jeff Genzler has been in the bass amplification game for a long time. Going back a few years, we were very proud to carry the amps branded under his previous company. Bob even still quite happily plays his Streamliner 900 amp head. The absorption of a manufacturer into another, larger corporation can, unfortunately, sometimes be messy and laden with pitfalls. Consequently, Jeff's original amp line was lost to corporate downsizing.

Like the phoenix, though, from the ashes of that previous venture, Jeff has risen - re-energized, and a little wiser, perhaps. And you and I are the beneficiaries, because his new amp company - simply, "Genzler Amplification," is making some STELLAR new amps and cabinets.

We were very lucky to entertain a few visits from Jeff at our new digs recently, and he brought along his killer new Magellan amp and a couple of the new line-array cabinets. I wouldn't let him leave without signing me on as a dealer -- the stuff sounds that good.

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1x12" or 1x12" Slant
Power Handling (@8ohms) 300w 400w 600w 1200w
Frequency Response 55-20K Hz 32-15K Hz 45-15K Hz 40-15K Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M 96 dB 98 dB 98 dB 103 dB
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms 8 ohms 8 ohms 4 ohms
Crossover Frequency 1.6K Hz 800 Hz 800 Hz 800 Hz
Weight 23 lbs 31/29 lbs (Straight/Slant) 36 lbs 49 lbs
Dimensions H x W x D 15.5" x 13" x 15" 16" x 19" x 18" 16" x 23" x 18" 23.75?" x 23" x 18"

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2 Reviews

  • 5

    Portable and powerful

    Posted by Jim McGiffin on Jan 27th 2021

    I pair this with an Acoustic Image Clarus amp and it gives me the umpf I need to match loud drummers and electric guitar players. And it is light enough for a guy in his 60s to carry.

  • 5

    Amazing clarity and all the bass

    Posted by Ben P on May 31st 2017

    Everything you shipped Monday arrived on Wednesday. Quick delivery! Thank you! The Genzler Bass Array (1x12) reproduces all the sub-bass frequencies that usually get rolled off of amps. You can feel them. Amazing clarity from it and no gaps or favoring of any frequency. I have never heard a cabinet that didn't loose some frequency range, but the Bass Array doesn't! I mainly play the rudra veena, which is a large North Indian stick zither the size of an upright bass. I have the rudra veena equipped with two fishman upright transducers and it sounds absolutely amazing through the amp and speaker. I have never played through an amp where I didn't have to compensate for and vary the volume of how I played the strings to authentically represent what the instrument does unamplified - but again, Doubler and Bass Array together do this accurately. I am so pleased.

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