Replacement Fuses for Acoustic Image Instrument Amplifiers

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We stock some of the various fuses used in some of our more popular amplifiers. If you're looking for a replacement (or a spare, just in case) we have them here.

Note that various amps use different amp ratings, and some use slow-blow or fast-blow models. We've indicated the models in the drop down, so if you know which model and series your amp is, you should get the right one - but it's always a good idea to check your product manual!

Amp Series Model Names & Numbers
Series 4PLUS
Uses 6.3a Fast Blow
Contra 650 BA Plus
Coda 611 AA Plus
Corus 613 GA Plus
Ten2 631 AA Plus
Clarus 601 IA Plus
Clarus SL 606 IA Plus
Clarus SL-R 607 IA Plus
Clarus SL-2 608 IA Plus
Flex Cab 660 PS
Series 4
Uses 6.3a Fast Blow
Contra 650 BA
Coda 611 AA
Corus 613 GA
Ten2 631 AA
Clarus 601 IA
Series III+
(Clarus+, Coda+)
Uses 8a Fast Blow
Coda+ 560 AA
Corus+ 561 GA
Clarus+ 550 IA
Series III
(except Ten2, Focus, "+" Models)
Uses 6.3a Slow Blow
Contra 510 BA
Coda R 511 AA
Corus 512 GA
Clarus 1 500 IA, Clarus 2R 501 IA
Series III
Ten2 and Focus
Uses 8a Fast Blow
Ten2 570 AA
Focus 1 530 IA
Focus 2R 531 IA
Focus SA 440 SA
Series II
Uses 6.3a Fast Blow
Focus 1 430 IA
Focus 1R 431 IA
Focus 2 423 IA
Focus 2R 433 IA
Series II
(other than Focus)
Uses 3a Slow Blow
Contra 410 BA
Contra R 411 BA
Coda 410 AA
Coda R 411 AA
New Yorker 420 CA
Clarus 1 400 IA
Clarus 1R 401 IA
Clarus 2 402 IA
Clarus 2R 403 IA
Clarus SL 425 IA
Clarus SL-R 426 IA
This chart is provided as a convenience and is subject to typographical and other errors. Please check your product manual to ensure accuracy.
We cannot be held responsible for damage or injury if you replace the fuse in your amp with the wrong value.

Please report any errors or suggested additions so that we may correct them.






































Fuses are sold in packs of 2, and if they are shipped with other items that carry shipping charges (or ship free), the fuses will tag along with no additional shipping charge.

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