• Xlson Audio

    Chuck Israels Signature Microphone for Double Bass

    My dad (Bob) and I have become well-known for our "frugality" (okay, I admit it, sometimes I'm cheap). And a lot of the gear we offer on the site is geared towards the hobbyist player on a budget - the guy (or gal) who doesn't have a lot of extra nickels...

    Our Price $999.00
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  • Ehrlund

    Ehrlund Studio/Recording Condenser Microphones

    Ehrlund Studio Microphones We are one of the only US-based retailers carrying the Ehrlund EAP surface mic, which is an excellent choice for amplifying the double bass (and many other stringed instruments, for that matter.) We've had a few requests for...

  • K and K Sound

    Golden Bullet Microphone for Upright Bass

    K&K's various bass transducers can deliver an exceptionally warm and natural sound -- but there are times when a microphone can add extra warmth and life to your signal, or perhaps be the total true voice of your bass. Choosing and using a microphone...

    Our Price $110.00 - $160.00
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  • K and K Sound

    Two Channel Pickup and Pickup/Mic Sets (without Preamp)

    These are the pickups and microphones normally sold with the Bass Master Pro, Bass Master Rockabilly, and Golden Trinity setups. You may already own a suitable two channel preamp (like the K&K Dual Channel Pro ST, K&K Quantum Blender, Radial...

    Our Price $119.00 - $260.00
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