Wooden Display Stand/Cradle for Upright Bass

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  • Wooden Upright Bass Display Cradle - with bass
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  • Wooden Upright Bass Display Cradle - side view
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This attractive and sturdy display cradle is made of wood, and easily assembles in minutes with a single Phillips-head screwdriver and four screws - and we include instructions to make it super easy. It holds 3/4 (and some 4/4) basses that are between 8" to 9" deep at the bottom edge, as the depth of the stand is slightly adjustable to accommodate some variance.

The points of contact are covered with a thin foam cushion to prevent scratches. It securely holds the bass in a fully vertical orientation, which can allow for a position much closer to a wall or corner than a typical stand might, since those other stands require the bass to "lean back" into them, thereby increasing their footprint.

Note that you may have to shorten your endpin each time that put your bass in this stand, as it has a low profile height. Also, if you use an endpin ball or particularly large endpin rubber cover, you may need to either remove it when you put the bass in the stand, or leave one of the bottom dowels out of the stand - we'll explain why/how in the included instructions.

This stand is furniture-grade, and is therefore ideal for displaying your bass in the music room, living room, etc.; but it wouldn't be particularly useful for gigging purposes, as it's heavy and bulky.

Please MEASURE YOUR BASS across the bottom ribs before you order . If it's smaller than 8" or larger than 9", your bass will be unlikely to work in this stand. 

It should go without saying, but the bass in the photos is not included (it's my personal instrument and it's not for sale, either!) ;-)

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