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Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand

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  • Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand by K&M (Konig and Meyer)
  • Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand by K&M (Konig and Meyer), height diagram
  • Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand by K&M (Konig and Meyer), being used with NS Design Bass and Endpin Stand
  • Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand by K&M (Konig and Meyer), closeup of neck cradle
  • Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand
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For a long time, we've fielded requests for "a stand that will work with my Electric Upright Bass." The Ingles SA22 we've had for years will work with some of the EUBs -- as long as they have at least a small body (to sit on the arms). But if you're playing a "stick" design EUB, like so many of them are, until now you've been out of luck.

K&M clearly saw this need and has addressed it with their usual aplomb - they've created a portable, pro-quality stand that provides confident support for most EUB's. Will it work with your custom bass project or your [fill in the blank] bass? If it has a single-point endpin, probably - so sheck out our measurements below, and compare them to your instrument to be sure.

K&M is a well-known and respected musical stand manufacturer based in Germany; this unique stand offers a sturdy base, low-profile black powdercoat finish, a newly designed triangular endpin "cup," and even a flocked bow holder.

To put your bass in the stand, simply open the tripod base, raise the height of the stand to be suitable with your bass' measurements. The endpin "cup" uses a unique "V" design, which is easy to aim for, and which seems to hold the pin more securely than traditional round cups - it has less "jiggle room." Then simply rest the back of the neck into the cradle, which is made of a rubberized non-marking plastic. The cradle has a metal frame (think Gumby!), which you can bend to properly accommodate your bass neck's exact width.

See the photo above to see an NS Design NXT bass (with the traditional endpin stand) being held by the stand. It works great with the NS Basses - we shook the stand pretty vigorously and the bass didn't hit the floor, so we're confident that it should be good for most stages (of course, if you wander headlong into it, you can knock it off the stand.) This will be a more portable and cost-effective alternative to the expensive "stand three-pack" for those people using the endpin with their NXT or WAV4 basses; previously, you'd have to get the endpin, the steel tripod, AND a conversion kit to turn the tripod into a holding stand.

The stand includes a low-profile flocked bow hook, if you often play with a bow and need a secure place to hang it. You can see just how small it folds up in the photo above.

Confirmed to work with:

  • NS Design Electric Upright Bass (WAV, NXT, and CR series) using the Endpin Stand
  • NS Design Omni Bass (WAV, NXT, and CR series) using the Endpin Stand
  • Dean Pace Contra Bass
  • Stagg Electric Upright Bass
  • Palatino Electric Upright Bass (solid-body)
  • Geneva Electric Upright Bass

The stand folds to a very compact travel size, and is lightweight (5.5 lbs)

The stand is height-adjustable.

  • Height: from 36" to 61" (920 to 1549mm)
  • Size when folded: 4.5" x 5.9" x 35" (115 x 150 x 890mm)
  • Special features:
    • flocked bow holder included
    • cradle width can be adjusted to the size of the instrument's neck
  • Effective Support width:from approx. 3" to 6" (75 to 155 mm)
  • Weight: 5.5lbs (2.5 kg)
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5 Reviews

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    Best Stand I Own!

    Posted by Fred Aron on Jul 14th 2023

    Seriously solid, and so perfect for my NS designs on the endpin! It folds down well, super steady and fits in the lightweight plastic travel case with my NS Upright and endpin. I will state that when you expand it from its most collapsed, the center collar can slide off when you expand is, but this is due to the very tight tolerances in the build and I do not consider that a negative thing.

  • 5

    K and M EUB Folding Stand

    Posted by cqness on Jul 6th 2022

    Excellent product, very secure feeling in holding my NS Design WAV EUB. The product was shipped very quickly and communications by Gollihur Music was outstanding. I will definitely buy from Gollihur again, probably another stand for my acoustic upright bass and a pre-amp in the near future. Thanks!!

  • 5

    K&M eub stand

    Posted by Ron Rasmussen on Aug 14th 2021

    I play an eminence and I prefer to use it with a standard single leg end pin. This stand works great for it!

  • 5

    Secure, simple, fast

    Posted by Robert B on Jul 5th 2018

    Got the K&M Electric Upright Bass EUB Folding Stand for my NS Design CR4 bass. Great stand, the bass is secure and it's simple and fast. Super fast shipping!

  • 5

    Seems secure

    Posted by R.L. on Feb 25th 2015

    I received the K&M EUB stand yesterday. Even without closing the neck cradle at all, the BSX Allegro sits nicely on the stand and has no tendency to rotate on its own or with a moderate nudge. The rubber foot on the end pin which sits in the bottom receptacle probably helps with anti-rotation. It seems secure. Anyway, it's lighter than my BSX "factory" converted drum cymbal stand and promises to make my life a little easier.

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