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Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141)

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  • Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141), with bass
  • Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141), closeup of endpin receiver
  • Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141), folded
  • Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141), comparing older model with new
  • Portable Folding Stand for Double Bass (K-M model 141), optional carry bag
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It's just a stand, what's the big deal? For years, I used one of the light weight Hamilton bass stands that has a similar design to this stand. While lightweight and portable, the Hamilton's questionable stability always bugged me - it always felt like a good gust of wind might blow my bass right out of the arms of the stand and send it tumbling to the floor - never mind a clumsy bandmate. The robust Hercules SD590B and Ingles SA22 stands that we sell offer a sturdy place to put your bass, but I have to admit these larger stands can be a bit bulky to carry around for one of those quick-in/quick-out gigs.

K&M is a well-known and respected musical stand manufacturer based in Germany, and I feel their design and execution of a highly portable upright bass stand beats the Hamilton. And now they've made it even better than before! This newly improved 141 stand offers a sturdier base, low-profile black powdercoat finish, a newly improved triangular endpin "cup," and even an optional bow holder.

It's simple to use. Once set up, you simply place the tip of your endpin into the triangular "cup" on the front foot (see photo, right), then lean the bass backwards into the cradling arms of the stand, which hold the bass by the C-Bouts (rather than the shoulders of the bass, like the Hamilton.)

It can be difficult to come up with a very compact design for confidently holding a very large instrument, but K&M has pulled it off. The very solid frame opens up with spring-lock arms which supports the upper body of the bass at its slim center, while the endpin is secured in the small cup affixed to the stand's foot. Simple and effective, it holds the bass with a minimum of contact, making it easy to grab it and play - some have even played the bass while in the stand, since the stand does not interfere with access to the neck.

The stand comes with a flexible plastic bow hook, which attaches to the top tube, if you often play with a bow and need a secure place to hang it - but if you don't ever use a bow, it also comes with a plain cap to put in its place, making the folded stand even smaller! You can see just how small it folds up in the photo below; a standard baseball cap is in the photo to give you some perspective on the size of the folded stand.

The K&M 141 stand folds to a very compact travel size, and is very lightweight (5.5 lbs)

Also available, this lightweight carrying case for easily toting around your stand; the case is waterproof and features nylon carry straps and a zipper closure. Purchase it together with the stand and receive free US shipping on both items!

Check out our FAQ on fitting the stand into the case - it's a tight fit, but it does fit!

The stand is height-adjustable and thereby fits all string basses. Soft, covered adjusting arms protect the finish and provide slip-resistant contact.

  • Base diameter: 31.5" (800 mm)
  • Height:from 24.4" (620mm) to 44" (1,120 mm)
  • Size when folded: 6.9" x 5.2" x 23.9" (175 x 130 x 605 mm)
  • Support width: 16" (405 mm)
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
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10 Reviews

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    A great stand by the best stand-maker

    Posted by Dave Shepherd on Dec 27th 2022

    This is not the first K&M stand I’ve bought, but it’s the first I’ve bought for a double bass. It is fantastic—light in weight, easy to transport in its carrying bag, but very stable. I recently had a theater gig for which I had to switch quickly from double bass to electric. I kept my double bass in its K&M stand while I was playing. It was no problem at all. In general, I’m glad I spent the extra money for the very best stand.

  • 5

    Great stand - very secure and portable / lightweight

    Posted by Todd Mason on Aug 5th 2022

    At first it would seem that this stand may not be heavy enough to support the weight of a 3/4 bass - the arms seem somewhat flimsy. But having used it for a couple dozen shows so far it really is a great stand. After setting the stand up I always give it a few test "pushes" in several directions and have never had the feeling it would tip over. Plus it's super lightweight so it's easy to break down and transport. I use an OnStage speaker stand bag to hold this stand, 1 or 2 Hercules bass/guitar stands and a heavy duty Hercules mic stand and it works great. Pro Tip: Once you get the arms positioned where they need to be, use a silver or gold sharpie to draw a line around the vertical adjustable tube where it meets the stationary tube. That way you won't have to check the positioning each time you use it. All in all a great portable stand that I think is worth the price.

  • 5

    K & M Upright Bass Stand

    Posted by Kevin Roy on Mar 9th 2022

    This is an excellent piece of engineering. Nice stand! Holds my bass just right. I recommend purchasing the carrying case as well. I even use it to tote other gig essentials!

  • 5


    Posted by constance lane on Aug 9th 2021

    The stand is terrific. What I like best about it - apart from the fact that it securely keeps my bass from falling over -- is that the bass can pivot on the endpin away from the stand, while still in the support cup , which allows for easy back and forth playing and resting. I have no idea why I waited so long to get it, and free my poor whale from the corner. I'd have a very hard time trying to record alone without it. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

  • 5

    K and M Bass Stand

    Posted by CT on Jan 27th 2021

    Just purchased this for my new Yamaha EUB and it works great. The instrument really needs a stand and this one is very sturdy. Made in Germany like a Mercedes.

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