DI Boxes

  • Fire-Eye

    Dee-Eye Instrument Preamplifier/DI

    A simple, sonically superior DI for acoustic instrumentalists. When you're doing a studio session, or playing a gig where you just need to drop a DI line to the house, you can do one of two things: You can trust that the soundman has a suitable DI in...

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  • Radial Engineering

    PZ-DI - Piezo-Optimized Direct Box

    Radial Engineering has long been known for extremely durable, reliable, great-sounding direct boxes. It's kind of "their thing." They've recently come out with a new model, which specifically addresses the needs of upright bassists like us - and it's...

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  • Radial Engineering

    StageBug SB-4 Ultra-Compact Active DI for Piezo Pickups

    If you - like me - don't like dragging a lot of extra gear to the gig, this little guy might just be your new best friend. The new Radial StageBug SB4 is an Active Direct Box which is designed for use with Piezo Pickups. If you're not familiar, a direct...

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