Arco Clip Hook - Bow Hook for Stand or Belt

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I have a couple different hooks, as well as a leather quiver, for holding a bow when you're not using it. This should be a sign: you should Never just lay your bow on the lip of your music stand.

Unfortunately, I take several calls a month for people who need a new bow because theirs crashed to the floor during a rehearsal. A cracked tip or broken bow is an avoidable heartache.

This clip is much safer means for securely keeping your bow safely within reach. And this little guy is small enough to fit in any gig bag pocket.

This well-designed, time-tested product is created and hand-built by Steve Berry of Great Britain, and is now exclusively available at Gollihur Music. Its clever design allows you to safely hook a bow on your music stand, or your belt or pocket edge, to prevent it from falling to the floor and being damaged. This small, lightweight hook has a strong spring, and a rubber-coated hook that's on a swivel, for flexible use options. It clips to most standard portable and rehearsal music stands that have a metal lip -- and many plastic-lipped stands that are thinner than your fingertip -- and gives you a confident place to set your bow down. When the rehearsal's over, just slide it off and put it in the bag pocket along with your music books.

But if you're playing in a more contemporary setting, without a music stand, you can put it on your belt, or partially into your pocket, and draw your bow like a sword anytime you need it. Useful!

Individually hand assembled, the arco clip hook brings an elegant and ingenious solution to the age old problem of the bow's safe and secure storage during prolonged pizzicato passages, one which also affords quick and convenient resumption of arco playing.

We stock the most current, Mk.3 version! The hip alternative to in-performance bow storage for the bassist has upgraded materials and manufacture processes. As previously, the Arco Clip Hook can of course be used in its original way - clipped onto a belt or waist band, allowing the bow to be held securely to the player's side, 'sword style'. Alternatively it can be opened out to allow the hook to hang down from the clip as it attaches to a horizontal ledge (typically the ledge of a music stand). Thus the bow can be conveniently stored right in front of the player if desired.

Starting with two pre-made components (the hook and the spring-loaded clip), each Arco Clip Hook is then individually hand assembled with great care, with the barrel hinge made from plastic. Also, it has been possible to source hooks that can be screwed in place, obviating the need for resin glue. The bow retaining hook is metal and covered with glassfibre braided cloth and rubber, protecting the bow's frog. The hook also terminates in a rounded metal ball, shrouded in rubber and so there's no danger of encountering a sharp edge if making a hurried grab for the bow.


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    You find the best stuff!

    Posted by David on Jul 4th 2020

    Arco Clip Hook - Bow Hook for Stand or Belt I liked it so well I bought two. I leave one on my studio stand and one for my gig bag. You seem to locate and sell useful things for the bass. Thanks.