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Resin Humidor - Rosin Humidity-Saver Storage and Conditioning

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We say it often: fresh rosin matters.

Most rosins aren't too expensive, but buying a new cake every month or two because it went "stale" and got all dried out and powdery can get pretty costly (and wastes a lot of rosin unnecessarily.)

Humidor or not, it's always wise to keep your rosin in an airtight container when you're not actively using it, as exposure to air can cause the resin to lose its natural moisture, and get hard, flaky and stale. Moreover, storing the rosin in a container that can provide controlled, balanced humidity will help it to last longer, and keep it playing smoothly, with just the right amount of "bite." That's what our "Resin Humidor" is for - like a humidor for cigars, it continuously maintains the healthiest level of humidity for the rosin inside, while keeping an airtight seal to prevent premature spoiling of your rosin.

The durable, double-walled plastic jar will provide that airtight seal, while the included, replaceable genuine Boveda brand mini humidity pack maintains the proper moisture content in the closed environment within the canister. Two of the humidity packs are included (one for now, one for later!), and with typical use each one should last 9-12 months. We also sell additional packs separately for when it's time to replace yours (you can tell it needs replacing when you press on it with your finger and it's gone hard/solid).

Keep your rosin fresh with our easy-to-use Resin Humidor!

Two Sizes Available!

In addition to the regular-sized humidor, we offer a second, larger tub option to be compatible with a wider range of rosins - including those that are larger-sized, or square/rectangular. Unfortunately, this larger tub will probably NOT fit into most bow case pockets, but it is still conveniently sized to fit in many gig bag's accessory pockets. We also include a drawstring bag that you could attach to your bow case or gig bag. Or, you may choose to have a larger model for longer-term storage of rosin at home, and use the smaller model for gigging. It's up to you - what an exciting, limitless world we live in! The smaller tub may fit in some bow case or other small, gusseted case pockets, but it's not large enough to hold some of the larger, non-round cakes of rosin.

See below for dimensions, and for what common rosin cakes that we know can fit in each model (we test-fit them).

Dimensions of Container:

  • Large: 2.86" diameter x 2.42" tall
  • Small: 2.36" diameter x 1.93" tall

Smooth, rounded edges won't get caught on bag pockets or other gear!

Compatible Rosins that will fit inside container (we checked)

Small Model (White):

  • Pops' Bass Rosin
  • Carlsson Swedish Bass Rosin
  • Nyman's Bass Rosin
  • Jade Solo Bass Rosin
  • Kolstein Ultra Rosin
  • Pirastro Mittel Rosin
  • Petz Premium
  • Thomastik-Infeld Bass Rosin

Large Model (Black):

  • Pops' Bass Rosin
  • Carlsson Swedish Bass Rosin
  • Nyman's Bass Rosin
  • Jade Solo Bass Rosin
  • Wiedoeft Bass Rosin (must remove silicone lid, which is recommended anyway)
  • Leatherwood Bespoke (note: only 1 cake fits inside, must remove silicone lid)
  • Leatherwood "BASS" (must remove silicone lid)
  • Petz Premium Rosin
  • Kolstein Ultra Rosin
  • Pirastro Mittel Rosin
  • Hidersine Bass Rosin
  • Thomastik-Infeld Bass Rosin

Usage Tips:

  • For rosins that have a paper wrap (like Pops' or Jade), we recommend removing the paper and putting the rosin in the included silicone cup.
  • If your rosin came with a cloth wrap, it is recommended to not put it in the humidor with the rosin, as it will absorb humidity unnecessarily.
  • For rosins in foil casings (like Nyman or Carlsson), you should just leave the foil on the rosin, and peel it down for access as normal; you can put the whole rosin in its foil inside the silicone cup to reduce rattling around if you choose.
  • For rosins that already include a silicone cup (like Leatherwood, Kolstein, Wiedoeft, etc.), we recommend using the cup that came with the rosin inside the humidor, but removing (and setting aside) their silicone lid. This allows the humidity pack to actually have the most effect on the rosin inside the humidor, by having the rosin "open" to the conditioned air inside the jar.
  • When the included humidity control packet feels "hard," it needs to be replaced. We include 2 packets with the initial kit (one for now, one for later), and additional packets can be purchased separately on this page. Always keep unused humidity packs in their sealed plastic bag until ready to use.

In this "kit" you'll receive:

  • An airtight, double-walled humidor jar, your choice of either large (black) or small (white)
  • Two genuine Boveda-brand humidity regulating packs with adhesive squares (one for now, one for later)
  • A silicone cup for (optional) use with some rosins - you can trim with scissors, as needed, to accommodate the rosin you use (and to fit inside the white-colored smaller humidor)
  • A nice, neutral-colored fabric bag to keep everything together
  • A set of instructions for use




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