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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

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You've got to keep your bass in a safe environment to protect it from issues, like popped seams, cracks, and other problems. Swings of humidity - both high and low - and rapid temperature changes can cause headaches with our delicate instruments.

This hygrometer is a great tool for not only monitoring the current state of your instrument, but also tracking its exposure over time. It has a handy memory function that indicates the date/time of the highest & lowest temperature/humidity levels the instrument has been exposed to, cool!

For basses kept in the open air (not in their cases) those little "soak and hang" humidifiers don't do anything - if air can flow in and out of the bass freely, so can moisture - so that little rubber thingie is humidifying the whole room (and not very well.) For an internal perforated tube humidifier to be effective, you need to put the bass in a "closed environment" (like your case) to keep the moisture from escaping.

So you'll need a room humidifier, which you can get at your local department store. Lots of better ones, rather than being on all the time, have built-in humidity controls that turn it on and off (recommended). But having this little device will make it easier to double-check that you're keeping your bass safely in the right range, as many of those built-in hygrometers may not be as accurate.


  • Easy-to-use digital display
  • Built-in memory function, indicates date and time of highest/lowest temperature and humidity levels
  • Digital clock and calendar display
  • Programmable humidity set-point that indicates the need for humidification
  • 20% to 99% humidity range
  • -32F to 122F (-35C to 50C) temperature range
  • Instruction Manual and battery included
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1 Review

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    Handy device for music room

    Posted by LDM on Jan 29th 2021

    I purchased this sensor for my practice room. Very happy with purchase. It was easy to set up, and based on a comparison with other gauges, both the temperature and humidity are displayed accurately. Having the additional time and date displays is a nice bonus.

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