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XL Chromes String Set for Electric Upright OMNI Bass

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Multiple Sets Available
  • XL Chromes String Set for Electric Upright OMNI Bass - 4-string package
  • XL Chromes String Set for Electric Upright OMNI Bass - 4 string package back
  • XL Chromes String Set for Electric Upright OMNI Bass - side view of package
  • XL Chromes String Set for Electric Upright OMNI Bass - 5-string package
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We bring these strings to you as yet another viable option for the NS Design Omni Bass (both NXT and CR Models) that may work better for some folks than the stock strings do. These were recommended to me by a player of the OmniBass, and I got them in on that recommendation. Having tried them on a bass here at the shop, I'm glad to provide them as another affordable string option for the unique instrument that is the NS Design Omni Bass.

The strings are flatwounds that are designed originally for bass guitar, so they fit the 34" scale of the Omnibass well. No issues at all with silked/threaded ends going over the bridge or nut - they fit perfectly. They're considered a "Regular-Light" gauge; flexible and easy under the hands, but not floppy at all.

Played pizzicato, their tone is a little "zingier," at least at first, compared to the stock Omnibass strings. They will likely mellow with a bit of play - D'Addario even describes them as "mellow" in tone. But they also have a nice, full "roundness" to their timbre - a blooming, beefier low end punch that provides roundness with plenty of presence. The polished surface is smooth and produces no "screech" when you move your fingers from position to position, and yet despite the polished finish, they are at least as easily bowable as the OEM string set.

From D'Addario: XL Chromes are among the warmest, mellowest bass strings we have to offer. These flat wound strings provide an ultra-smooth feel and a dark, yet warm tone, while allowing movement across the fretboard with no finger noise. Made with a high carbon steel core, Chromes stainless steel flattened ribbon wrap wire is expertly wound onto a series of interlocking under-windings, then precisely polished for unparalleled smoothness and a tonal presence which blends beautifully into the mix. This 45-100 Regular Light gauge set has a nice even tension, bright tone, and tight low-end.

We stock the strings for 4 and 5-string (low B) OmniBasses, in the "regular light" gauge.

  • Coating: Uncoated
  • Number Of Strings: 4 or 5
  • Scale Length: Long
  • Set Type: Sets
  • Wrap Material: Stainless Steel


CB045 G 0.045 in 47.00 lbs
CB065 D 0.065 53.94
CB080 A 0.080 47.52
CB100 E 0.100 40.29
CB132 B 0.132 38.72


These strings are NICKEL FREE.

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