Fifths Tuning Set for NS Design OmniBass

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We are working with Lenzner to get these strings available again. We do not currently have an availability date.

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There used to be a factory-available set of strings for 5ths tuning on the NS Design OmniBass. When the OmniBass was released (originally under the confusing moniker, "Bass Cello") you could choose to string the Omni as either 4ths (like bass) or 5ths (like cello, but in the bass range) tuning. With the 34" scale of the OmniBass, this made it an appealing option for cellists who wanted to "play bass" for a contemporary band, or for bassists who wanted to try something new with an optional tuning.

We were able to source the original strings in 5ths for a while, but they are a "niche" product and weren't super-popular. As a result, they eventually "dried up" and were no longer available. We sold out of our last sets of those a while back.

If this left you without an option for new strings, then the problem solvers at Gollihur Music are here for you!

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseLenzner strings of Germany has graciously offered to custom-make a set of 5ths tuning strings - for both 4 and 5-string models - for the 34" NS OmniBass instruments. We're getting these strings by special order, and are very happy to be the shop that goes out of our way to get those "special" items you can't seem to find anywhere else.

These strings are legit upright-style strings; they work both pizz and arco, with a flexible steel core, a tungsten intermediate winding to add mass and "girth," and a flat outer winding that is suitable for both arco and pizzicato playing.

Strings are made in a 34" scale set in fifths tuning (CGDA for the 4-string, CGDA with a high E for the 5-string). Because these are special-order strings from Germany, we only offer these as complete sets - no single strings.

Note: These are primarily provided for the NS OmniBass, but should also fit many 34" scale bass guitars. If you're looking for 5ths tuning strings for a full-scale upright bass, we have a few options - check out our strings listing in the main catalog menu.

String Gauges, low-string to high string:

  • C - .090
  • G - .065
  • D - .055
  • A - .035
  • E - .025
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