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The Handy Double Bassist: Maintenance, Adjustments and Minor Repairs for the Non-Luthier - by Arnold E. Schnitzer

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The Handy Double Bassist: Maintenance, Adjustments and Minor Repairs for the Non-Luthier

by Arnold E. Schnitzer

Many bassists perform minor adjustments and repairs as they maintain their instruments. Developing those skills and the confidence to diagnose and remedy minor issues is not only satisfying, it can save you money.

The Handy Double Bassist, by well known professional bass luthier Arnold Schnitzer, specifies the tools and supplies needed, where to find them and how to use them.

Chapters include "Bridge Adjusting," "Minor Crack Repairs," "Wolf Tones" and "Troubleshooting."

106 pages, spiral bound

Mark Says:

No book can take the place of an apprenticeship with a master luthier, and it cannot substitute for years of experience working on stringed instruments. Owning this book doesn't make you a luthier. But this book covers many of the important knowledge a bassist should have, so they can properly maintain their instrument (or know when they need to ask for help!)

Meaning, even for the stuff that is "over one's head" - meaning, one has to have a luthier do the work - it's good to know what actually goes into the process of a repair and/or troubleshooting. It's kind of like having a "car guy" go with you to the auto shop to make sure you don't get raked over the coals. A little knowledge goes a long way.

But for the things that you may be able to do yourself, Arnold's book can bring confidence to you as you do even the most simple bass maintainance (like changing strings.) In this book, you'll find loads of tips for repair and maintenance, and some guidance to know when you only know enough to be dangerous - and should probably defer to a professional luthier.

Arnold Says:

I wanted to take a minute to explain the genesis of this book: I spent a lot of time holed up in the house during the worst of the pandemic. I decided to put this thing together as a project to try and maintain my sanity. As I got started, the concept grew and I surpassed my technical ability to arrange the material electronically. Fortunately, my apprentice, Christian Chesanek, possesses all the skills to arrange and present the material using a computer program. So off we went, through many iterations and edits, finally arranging at a finished project about a year later than we'd hoped. I insisted on setting what is essentially a break-even price (after printing, shipping, fees, etc.) so that the I could give back to the community that has made me a living for several decades. My hope is that many amateur and professional bassists will benefit from using the material within. I appreciate the patronage of all the bassists who have frequented my shops and purchased my instruments over the years! Much Bass Love...

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2 Reviews

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    A comprehensive guide

    Posted by Omar Rosado on Feb 17th 2023

    This book is very comprehensive guide regarding how to maintain your bass and how to perform small repairs and the tools you will need. What I like best about this book that it tells you when you should get it professionally repaired. Another one that address one of the biggest questions you have as a beginner (Carved versus plywood). There is also a whole section about specific problems of plywood basses and how to fix them. In short Great book that elaborates where other books fall short.

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    Arnold is the best luthier around, but this is a miss for me

    Posted by Matthew Rybicki on Feb 16th 2023

    I was SO excited to get this book, as I had been a customer of Arnold's for years before he retired. I found his work impeccable and I -always- felt better after he worked on my basses. When he retired and moved too far away for me to see him again, I couldn't wait get my hands on what he had to say. While the contents ARE valuable and factual, I found the amount of material and content lacking. This is more of a generalized overview guide, rather than a "here's how I do it as a master luthier" kind of guide, which is more what I was looking for. Again, I think Arnold is the best, but I wanted to share my perspective.

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